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Living on the Road - Stage 6: Traveling from Estonia to Bulgaria

Updated on October 17, 2012

From Estonia to Hungary

The nights were still cold in Estonia, but during the day you could feel the first warm spring sunshine, and so I decided to open the new hitchhiker season. I hitchhiked without problems from Tartu to the Latvian border, but in the afternoon it was getting colder, and so I took a bus top Sigulda where a couch was waiting for me. Next morning I tried to continue with hitchhiking but then a bus stopped, and the bus driver gave me a free ride to the capital Riga where I took another bus to Panevėžys in Lithuania where I surfed the next couch. Next morning I could travel by car with my couch surfing host to the capital Vilnius. I stayed for about one week to enjoy the warm spring in the Lithuanian capital and to meet some friends and to attend two interesting concerts. My next destination was Denmark, and so I hitchhiked from Vilnius to the port city of Klaipeda to take a ferry to Sweden. The stuff in the restaurant of the ferry was very friendly, and they served me a free dinner. From Karlshamn I hitchhiked to Malmö, there I took a train to Copenhagen where I went back on the road to go to Ringsted to meet my friend Annette. It was great to be back in her beautiful house in the countryside, to work a little bit on her small farm, to relax and to enjoy the warm spring sunshine. And there were some interesting concerts during my three weeks visit which we attended together. From Ringsted I hitchhiked to another small town in Denmark, visiting Linda, another friend I had met the year before. After almost a month in Denmark I decided that the time had come to move South, I took another ferry to Germany, and I spent some days in the Northern part of the country before moving on to the South. My final destination was Romania where I wanted to work as a volunteer in an eco-project but there was still enough time to make some stops on the way to Romania. On the first day of my trip I ended up in a small town near the Czech border, and Christoph, the driver who had picked me up near Berlin invited me to stay in his house for one night. The next morning I hitchhiked to the Czech capital Prague but I had no couchsurfing accommodation for that day, and so I slept one night at the airport before going to a small village near Prague where Zbyšek had offered me a couch. When I arrived on Zbyšek's couch I wanted to stay two or three nights but then he offered me to work in his big garden, and so I stayed for more than three weeks. We had a lot of fun together, we shared some of our travel experiences, and Zbyšek showed me some nice places in the surrounding area of his village. Finally he offered me and another couchsurfer from Sweden to travel with him by car to Slovakia. I had a great time in his beautiful house. My next couch was in Trnava where Michal was hosting me for one night, and together we ended up on a birthday party of one of his friends. On the next morning I was back on the road again to hitchhike to the Hungarian capital Budapest. My first driver invited me for breakfast, the second offered me some chocolate, and the third who was driving me to the Hungarian border gave me some money, not so bad for a hitchhiking trip. In the late afternoon I arrived in Budapest, the city where I had lived for almost two years in the 1970s, and which I had visited very often since that. But my last visit was in 2002, and I saw that the city had changed since this last visit. I stayed for several days in Budapest, so I had enough time to meet some old friends and to make some new friends there before hitchhiking to Romania.



Romania - the country I had visited so many times in the 1980s and early 1990s, the country where I had many friends but most of them had disappeared, some of them had died, others left the country and are living now in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands or other countries. But some of them are still there, and so I went to Oradea, a big town in the Northwestern part of the country where my old friend Zoltan lives. We had not met each other for about two decades, and so we had a lot to talk not only about the old times during the three days I stayed in this place. From Oradea I hitchhiked to Timisoara because my volunteer job was waiting for me in a small village near this town. And this trip brought back some memories of the old times in Romania - the bumpy roads. To go about 100 km from Oradea to Arad took me three hours. When I arrived in this village, I found out that something went wrong with my job there, and that I could not stay. So I had to change my plans, and I went to a small village in the mountains because I had a couch to surf there. I stayed there several days, searching in the internet for another job, and my search was successful, I found a job in Bulgaria, and so I decided to spend the next months in that country. I had to hitchhike about 300 km to the Bulgarian border, in a hitchhiker friendly country like Romania no problem. But sometimes you have to walk to cross a bigger city, and this happened to me in Craiova. After almost two hours of walking in the hot afternoon sunshine I reached the outskirts of the city. I was a little bit exhausted, but two gypsy men which where sitting on a bench in front of their house invited me to have a rest. After few minutes a beautiful gypsy woman brought me some water, and then I was invited for dinner. When I left these friendly people they even gave me some money. I continued my trip, and late in the evening I arrived at the Danube river where I took a ferry to Bulgaria.

Arrival in Bulgaria

I had a couch for that first night in Bulgaria but I still had to go there about 60 km, and it was impossible to find a car so late in the evening, and so I decided to spend the night on the road side, it was the 400th day of my travel adventure!

Stay tuned - there is more to come ...


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    • MobyWho profile image


      6 years ago from Burlington VT

      So happy to pick up on your continuing moves! Felt like I was running alongside you. Thanks for the link to "couchsurfing". Went to the website - Dang it, I wish I were younger (speaking as an old Youth Hosteler). Travel on in good health and keep all us Hubbers posted.

    • nextstopjupiter profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from here, there and everywhere

      @m0rd0r: Thanks for your advice. I made this trip last year in spring, now I am in Germany. My next hub will be about my time in Bulgaria, last summer I spent there almost three months.

    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 

      6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Be careful, currently we have "code yellow" in 90% of the country because of the snow blizzards this month.

      Roads are hard to walk and are probably still not cleaned properly.

      If you pass beside Sofia (the capitol city), try the hostels in the center. The prices are very good, the quality is fair.

      Avoid the hostels around the train and bus stations.


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