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Living the High Life in Buildings That Scrape The Sky

Updated on August 18, 2012

Only the rich and super-rich, can live the high life. In this manner, I mean those who live literally near the top of the world's tallest buildings. They exist in all major cities around the world, some live on the 90th story with panoramic views few have. Some of the apartments are large in some cases- 15,000 sq. ft.

What is shocking to those in the middle class, and I suppose, some common sense rich people, is their cost: Would anyone actually pay $11 million for a 9500 sq. ft. place that has 4-5 bedrooms, a pool? How about in New York where for $13,000 a month you can get a three bedroom apartment with stunning panoramic views of the city on the 62nd floor. Here is a whopper: in London, an apartment duplex in the Shard building, when completed, will cost $80 million!! Those panoramic views of the city are certainly expensive. One would think that who has this kind of money?

Are these the richest of the rich? A penthouse in NYC sold for $88 million. A penthouse on the 76th floor in NYC was rented for $60,000 a month! WTF? Real estate sales will show that many of these are going to foreigners, namely Chinese. Many of the skyscrapers are filled with 60% foreigners and the price rises the higher the apartment location. How bad does one need to have a panoramic view? A view addict? Maybe for the rich, it is a status thing, "oh, dear, we live on the 90th floor, such lovely views, so much better than the 85th floor".

Living in a skyscraper has eerie drawbacks, like building sway in inches and a foot during a windy day. Pretty freaky. Going from the bottom to 100th floor might take 45 seconds, think of an electrical outage. Oh, skyscrapers are also targets for terrorist attacks because they are symbols.


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