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Local Adventures With Attitude!

Updated on July 20, 2010

With spring and summer rapidly approaching, now is the time to start planning local outdoor activities that will offer lasting memories and have your friends all saying “I’ve always wanted to do that!”. While the beach, amusement parks and camping all offer comfortable temporary getaways, you may want to consider amping it up a bit with some ‘out of the box’ adventures. Whether it’s parasailing on the coasts or hang-gliding in the midwest every region of our great country offers a plethora of local adventures. Here are some excursions that can be experienced, with modest travel, from anywhere in America.

Skydiving: Don’t be scared! Tandem skydiving is a safe, exhilarating and unforgettable experience that almost everyone claims they would like to do once in their lifetime. While each drop zone (DZ) has their own rules and regulations the basics, for the most part, remain the same. The average height from with which you jump is 13,000 feet, you fall at 120 miles per hour and your first jump is with a seasoned professional (tandem) that has the proper training in order to maximize your safety. While skydiving isn’t for everybody, it is a once in a lifetime adventure, for those of you who dare, that you’ll never regret. For more information and a DZ near you visit

Paintball: I know this one seems a bit odd, but for an inexpensive, adrenalin pumping activity, paintball is hard to beat, not to mention that there's a park in almost every county in the country.  If you're a little timid in the beginning, never fear, each games averages fifteen minutes and are as simple as capture the flag to a higher strategic contest such as secret assassin. Most parks offer everything you require, including food and beverage, to maximize an amazing day of bonding and competition. To find a park near you goto

River Rafting: While, in some areas, such as the midwest, the travel time is increased I assure you it’s worth it. The feeling of a furious river flowing beneath you offers a unique, wet, and wild ride as well as the opportunity to be an active participant. There are different classes of rivers that range from II to V, with V offering rapids for the experienced rafter. While beginners can jump right into a class IV it all depends on you’re level of comfort. Check out for more information.

Hot Air Ballooning: If increased adrenalin is not your cup of tea than I highly recommend hot air ballooning. The majestic views and tranquillity of a balloon ride from anywhere in the country is incomparable. While moving with the wind, at mother natures leisure, in a safe and unique manner, ballooning offers you the adventure and photos to last a lifetime. Visit to find a ride near you.

This just a small sample of activities available to those that are willing to step outside of their comfort zones. The internet is a great resource for new and exciting adventures that range from swimming dolphins to cattle rustling to shark diving. With so many activities there is bound to be something for everybody, so get out there! You know you want to!


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