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Lodge Alley Inn and Charleston, SC Reviews

Updated on February 19, 2012

Lodge Alley Inn and It's Charm

We have stayed many times at the Lodge Alley Inn and I must say that this place gets more charming with each stay here. It is located right in the center of everything. Although this place offers quite the night life, it also is somewhere you can take kids who appreciate history.

The rooms are adorned in older decor that fits the theme of Historic Charleston. We stayed in both a one bedroom and two bedroom during our many stays here. The one bedroom has an entrance that takes you upstairs to the loft bedroom, where the master bath with shower/tub are located. There is a sunken living area, which has a pull out sofa. From here, is another sunken area leading to the dining area and litchen. Just off this area is another bathroom with a sink and toilet.

The two bedroom unit has you stepping in the living area, where a small kitchen area is located and a separate dining area is also within this general living area. When you go upstairs you are taken into the two bedroom area. although both bedrooms are quite small, they are quaint and very nicely themed. In the one bedroom there is a pedestal queen sized bed and in the second bedroom there are two standard beds, with a centrally located bathroom..

Bedroom Layout


Historic Charleston

Charleston itself is a beautiful city, rich of history and culture. On our many stays here we have come to appreciate all it has to offer, even in its simplicity. Charleston is right at the heart of a night life like none experienced before. Although we did not venture into the night life, we did take a nightly stroll through the city during this time and were simply amazed by how vibrant it was at such a late hour. A short stroll from our resort put us into a culture all its own.

Waterfront Park was absolutely beautiful and offers a view of the the Harbor. If you are lucky, you may even see Dolphins playing around. However, the park alone is enough to satisfy anyone's appetite for romance at its finest. In its center lies a pineapple shaped waterfall, which kids and adults alike can frolic in. If that doesn't satisfy you, then take a stroll along the lined path and take in the breathtaking views of this beautiful area.

Charleston also offers travelers a look into the history that established this charming city. Many of the roads are brick paved and the orginal roads from back in the early days of the city. Simply walking along these roads takes you back in time and allows you to become a part of the history of this city.

If that doesn't suit you, perhaps you might be someone who believes in Ghosts. Charleston is well known for its ghost tours and many believe this city is inhabited by previous residents who are not at ease with their passing. Either way, signing up for a ghost tour might prove to be fun, if not entertaining.

Charleston Waterfront Park


Charleston Brick Roads


Restaurants in Charleston Worthy of Your Money

If you plan on eating out in Charleston then Virginia's on King is worthy of your time (and money). We first discovered this place through, as it offered gift certificates for rock bottom prices. Thus, we figured we had nothing to lose.

We could not have picked a better place to dine out! Virginia's on King offers some of the best southern food we have ever tasted and it helps that you can save money when using too. Their macaroni and cheese, fried green tomatoes and fish are to die for (of course not literally). Let me stress that some people in my family are quite picky and they even agree that this place offers some of the bets food ever eaten.

The service is great, the food is superb and the restaurant is quite quaint. It is not a big place by no means but what it is big on is flavor and service. Whenever we stop in Charleston we are sure to print off a certificate from and pay a long awaited visit to Virginia's on King.


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