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London Olympics 2012 - List of Top 10 Places to visit apart from games

Updated on April 5, 2012

7. Science Museum

Science Museum
Science Museum

London Science museum is one of the most famous science museum in the world where you can find objects from Stephenson's Rocket to the Apollo 10 command module. You can catch an immersive 3D movie, enjoy the thrills of a special effects simulator, introduce children to science with fun, hands-on interactives and encounter the past, present and future of technology in seven floors of galleries.

Although the entry to science museum is free, you might need to pay for IMAX 3D theatre and some of the simulators.

A markerScience Museum Exhibition Road London SW7 2DD -
Kensington, London SW7 2DD, UK
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Science Museum

Exhibition Road London SW7 2DD


Opening Hours:

Open 10.00-18.00 daily except Christmas.

Tickets and Fees:
Tickets to Scinece museum is free. However you need to pay for IMAX 3D and some of the simulators.

8. The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum

The Natural history museum will give you an education insight into the life of thousands of creature who either lived on this planet. The main attraction of this museum is Dinosaurs exhibitions which gives a lot of interactive information about the life and history of this gigantic creature. Creepy-Crawlies, Highlights include 'Dinosaurs', the ultimate dinosaur exhibition; 'Creepy-Crawlies', guaranteed to have you scratching in minutes; 'Human Biology', the must-see exhibition about ourselves; 'Ecology' and 'Mammals', with its unforgettable blue whale. Don't miss 'The Power Within', offering an 'earthquake experience' and, if you are visiting with children, 'Investigate' - an exciting new hands-on science centre. Phase One of the new Darwin Centre offers a chance to see the science behind the scenes.

A markerThe natural history museum, Cromwell Road London SW7 5BD -
Cromwell Rd, Kensington, Greater London SW5 0, UK
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The Natural History Museum:

Cromwell Road
London SW7 5BD

Opening hours:

Everyday 10.00 - 17.50 . Last admission 17.30.

Open late on the last Friday of each month.

Closed 24 - 26 December.

Tickets and fees:

Entry to the natural history museum is free.


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