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London Travel Books

Updated on October 25, 2011

When planning a trip to London, the prospective tourist can consult London travel books and tourism websites for suggestions. A trip to London may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. How disappointing it would be to return from the trip only to realize that an interesting London tourist attraction was forgotten!

There are ways to plan a trip to London to avoid this sad situation from occurring. While the person may use a travel agency to plan the trip, the tourist may miss out on sites that may be of personal interest if they are not popular enough. A travel agent is likely to recommend London tourist attractions that are the most popular.

Browsing London vacation guide books can be beneficial for creating a London itinerary. A travel itinerary is a travel plan that can include the routes that will be traveled between tourist attractions, possible restaurants, and the locations of other stops such as museums or stores. Travel itineraries can be detailed and include the business or attraction hours, addresses, directions, and available public transportation.

A detailed London travel itinerary can reduce the stress on the tourist while in London if all the pertinent information is available. London tour guide books can provide much of this information. Once the prospective tourists have lists of the London attractions that they want to see, the information about the hours and transportation often can be found on the website for each attraction or business.

Some travel books are designed for children. These can be used to prepare the child for a trip or as a souvenir to help the child remember the trip. "This is London" is a children's book about a trip to London. The book is part of a children's travel series that has been mentioned by National Geographic Travel. Many people who have used the book comment about the quality of the pictures. Some of the content about tourist attractions may be outdated.

In addition to general travel books for London, the person planning a trip to London may want to check a Zagat London Restaurants guide. Zagat guides provide information on numerous types of restaurants from casual to elegant. Because the London Zagat guides give information about the restaurants in any London location, the tourist may want to consider taking this guide to London with them.

Here is a page with popular London tourist information guides called London Travel Books. This page even includes the Zagat London restaurant guide. The map of the London Underground and a London street map also could be helpful during the trip. Some guides are available for Kindle which could make it easy for the traveler to take the guides on the trip. If taking a Kindle on a London vacation, an adapter will be needed to be able to charge the Kindle with European electrical outlets.


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    • raakachi profile image

      raakachi 6 years ago from Madurai / Tamilnadu / India

      Nice tips to the new visitors.if we have a prepared planning, we should manage the time consumption. voted up! useful.