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London Travel Guide - Explore the Best Places in London

Updated on June 6, 2015

London Travel Guide

London a city of dreams attracts people all over the world for 1000 years now. Located on the banks of river Thames for an area of 1,572 sq km, it is a hub of history, culture and commerce.

1) The Big Ben

The Big Ben/The Elizabeth Tower – completed a 156 yrs ago in 1858 stands intact as the 2nd largest 4 faced chiming clock the in the world, in the western end of the Westminster palace. The clock dials are set in an iron frame, of 7m in diameter supported by 312 pieces of opal glass, is a must visit.

2) The London Bridge

The London Bridge originally built as a stone arch bridge in the medieval age of 1176 was replaced in the year 1971, runs for a length of 269m with a width of 32m, connecting the City of London to the Southwark in Central London. It stands till today to give the breathtaking view of the River Thames, especially during sunset.

3) British Museum

Established in the year 1753, in Bloomsbury the British Museum stands as the largest museum in the world, housing a wide-range of 8 million works, collected from all parts of the world. It can give a visitor, the course of human culture and history of over 5000 years.

4) Buckingham Palace

With a count of 19 Staterooms, 52Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms, together forms a 775 roomed Buckingham Palace. It is 108 meters long, 120 metres deep including the courtyard and 24 meters high. With an East Front balcony, a private chapel, a Queen’s Gallery that exhibits the Royal art & works with a plethora of architecture, this place is a feast to the viewer’s eyes.

5) House of parliament

In the famous 15th century Gothic Style, Sir Charles Barry a classical artist and Augustus Pugin a Gothic architect, together designed the House of parliament. Located on the Middlesex bank of Thames it encloses over 1,100 rooms, 100 staircases and 4.8 kilometers of passageways. It has offices, dining rooms, bars in the ground floor. The first floor accommodates the main rooms of the Palace that includes the debating chambers, the lobbies and the libraries. The remaining 2 floors are used as committee rooms and offices. This palace occupies a scene in the world famous Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix movie.

6) Leaden hall Market

Leaden hall Market designed bySir Horace Jones in 1881 is the 1st sheltered market in London, established in 14th century. Located onGrace Church Street it is open all days from 7 am. It sells fresh food, meat, cheese & poultry. With exotic flowers, colorful clothes, pen & stationery, it is a shopper’s paradise.

· In the middle of Roman London with an ornate roof structure

· tinted with green, maroon and cream,

· with a double height entrance bordered by red bricks and Portland stones

· with cobbled floors

· It brings the Dutch architecture in front of us.

· It has its presence in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as The Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley.

· It is shown in many movies of various languages like Love Aaj Kal – Hindi.

7) Australia House

Australia House the largest polling station in Australian federal elections stands in the middle of London, also known as the Gringotts Wizarding Bank in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The building is constructed with raw materials, stones and wood majorly from Australia. That includes Portland Stone, Marbles and Black Bean a dense wood grown in Australia. The wood used for flooring and bordering is timber from all Australian States. It is a Grade II listed building, that is:a building occupying a place on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historical Importance. Visitors here are blown away in the air of royalty and power.

8) The Royal Opera House

Originally constructed in 1732, The Royal Opera House includes The Royal Opera, The Royal Ballet and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. In 1734, the first ballet was presented. The next year Handel's first season of operas began. It seats 2,256 people and consists of four layers of boxes and balconies and the amphitheatre (an open-air setting used for amusement, performance, and sports) gallery. The Colosseum is the world largest amphitheatre accommodating 40,000–60,000 audience. It contains the proscenium – means in front of the outlook.It is the area of a theatre surrounding the stage like an arch. In the Royal Opera House, the proscenium is 12.20 m wide and 14.80 m high. Most part of the building belongs to the 1858 construction and presents you with an amazing music and drama of all ages.

9) Millennium Wheel

The most famous tourist attraction in the United Kingdom is the Millennium Wheel or the London Eye with over 3.5 million paid visitors annually. With an estimated cost of 70 million Euros, the Giant Wheel was opened in 2000. The complete structure is of 135 meters height & 120 meters in diameter. It was erected in 1999 and appears in the Fantastic Four movie, as theworld's tallest Ferris wheel, supported by an A-frameon only one side unlike the others of the same kind.

It comprises 6 of the European countries in it,

· as the rim is supported by tensioned steel cablesfrom the UK and fabricated in The Netherlands,

· the cables from Italy,

· the bearings from Germany,

· the spindle and hub were cast in the Czech Republic,

· the capsules from France,

· and the glass came from Italy,

· Fitted with the electrical components from the UK.

· The lighting was rebuilt withLED in December 2006.

· After the completion of the wheel, it was lifted into an upright position by astrand jacksystem.

· It was first lifted at 2 degrees per hour till 65 degrees,

· The second phase started after a week, to reach its 135 meters height.

It has 32 sealed AC capsules that holds up to 25 passengers and rotates at 10 in/sec. It takes 30 minutes for 1 revolution and provides the tourists with the astonishing view of London.


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