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London Walking Tours

Updated on September 26, 2013

Why Walking is so Good for Us

With so many of us working in offices and driving cars, we don’t walk like we used to. Very often even a trip to the local shop means jumping in the car even if it is in walking distance. This is such a shame as walking is so good for us.

Walking is great for your health because it strengthens the heart and lungs and is great for your overall fitness. It is a cardiovascular exercise and combined with a healthy diet can help with weight loss and tone up muscles. Walking also helps with boosting your circulation. Marcus Davis who is an osteopath with the Harley Street Back Centre in London says "Walking helps to drain the lower legs of excess fluid and can help prevent varicose veins through the pumping action of the calf muscles. The increased supply of oxygen exercise promotes also gets rid of the waste products in the tissues”

Ten reasons why we should walk more

  1. It helps you keep fit and live longer
  2. Exercise helps you keep the weight off
  3. Reduces the risk of Cancer
  4. Walking reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes.
  5. Boost brain power according to a study carried out by the National Council of Aging.
  6. Improves mood and reduces stress
  7. Reduces the risk of diabetes
  8. Can help with circulation
  9. Helps with erectile dysfunction in men
  10. Helps with digestion and heartburn after a big meal

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Walking is free and good for us

Walking is great exercise and free. More and more of us need to get off our back sides and walk. We have all got too lazy as a nation, we have fancy cars and drive everywhere even if its just popping to the local shop. We are getting larger, there are more obese people than ever before and this is rising. The NHS in Britain is struggling because there is just not enough extra large beds, scanners and wheelchairs etc. Rather than paying for larger beds and equipment we should be helping these people to stop eating so much and start walking. When it comes to losing weight or just keeping fit, anybody can walk if they really want to.

Walking is great. Everyone should walk more..

London Walking Tours

If your visiting London and want to see what London is like on foot, one way to sign up with a walking tour. These days you can go on all different types of tours, if you have a specific interest such as architecture, then there will be a tour tailored for you. Location tours have taken off in a big way recently. There is a tour for everything. Going on on one of the many guided walks around London which means you can join other like minded people and see all the things that interest you as well as passing other attractions on route.

Movie Location Tours

If a movie was part filmed in London, you can go on a movie tour. For example there is a Harry Potter walking tour and river adventure which will take you on lots of locations around London to do with the filming of the film. You can have your photo taken at Platform 9 ¾ and on route pass some of the main tourist attractions in London such as Big Ben, the London Eye, Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral. If you love Brit flicks such as Notting Hill, why not combine your visit to London with a specially run tour.

Food Tours

Self proclaimed foodies can go on one of the many gourmet food tours. London’s famous Brixton Market and Borough market is a great place to taste some of the local food and soak up the atmosphere. Pub tours are also popular where you can tour some of the oldest and most famous pubs and ale houses in London and of course sample the ale.

Chocoholics can also go on tours where they can visit decadent dessert boutiques and chocolatiers and same some of the finest chocolate in the world.

Ghost Tours

Ghost tours are plentiful. London has a supernatural history with lots of ghosts and stories to learn. You can go on ghost walking tours and learn about the history and stories of historic London.

Historical Tours

There are plenty of London history tours, but some offer a more quirky package. The Quirky London Tour has is where you will get to see the weird and bizarre side of London history. Highlights including visiting Britain's smallest police station, the only street where you can drive on the right and learn about David Cameron’s illegitimate heritage. Lots of strange lesser known stories of London's history.

Perhaps you're into London's murderous past and want to walk the same streets the famous gangsters kray twins walked. Jack the ripper carried out his terror in London’s East End and there are tours where you can walk the same alley ways where he killed those poor girls.

Tips for Walking Tours

Unless you are going on a guided walk, planning your general route is very important, especially if you are in a new place. Literally get a map out and draw your route. Make sure you have the map with you so if you venture off from your route, you can easily get back on it.

Don't reply on them. Smartphones are great when they work. There are plenty of navigation apps but the trouble we all have with mobiles is the signal. You cannot guarentee a great signal. So always take a map for backup.

Wear good shoes. It goes without saying really, but remember that you want shoes which will be comfortable for long periods so wear walking shoes, hiking boots or running shoes.

Wear comfortable clothes and have a waterproof coat with you. Again its all common sense but make sure you have a few layers so if you get too warm, you can remove some, and visa ver if you get cold. Being prepared for every eventuality weather wise (especially in London) will make your day much more pleasurable

Take a water bottle. It is important to stay hydrated at all times, even more so in the summer months. But even in the winter you should take water with you.

Take a backpack to carry your essentials. You want your hands free and the best way to carry things when walkign is a backpack.

London Map

London for Free

This is by far the cheapest way to see London. All of the main attractions are within walking distance of each other and the quickest way to get to them is by foot. If you want to go on a self guiding walking tour then why not just grab a map and compass and do it the old way. If that sounds a little daunting, why not do some searches on the internet to find some walking routes. There are websites that have done this for you. You can find 11 free self guiding walking tours on the London for Free website. They have put together some suggestions for walking routes such as the Royal Walk or the Ripper Walk, or the Cultural Walk. You could just print off the webpage and follow the instructions. They have put some interesting facts about the buildings and attractions you pass along the way which makes it a great tour guide.

But why not just sit down with a map work out your own route. These days you can easily nip on google maps and look at the street view to get a look closer at where you will be walking. You could just put a few pins in areas you want to see and draw lines to each and follow the line! With smart phones you can just follow the instructions from your phone or follow an app with a walking route. However you arrange the route to walk, you will be seeing a lot more of London and keeping fit at the same time, and as a bonus it is not costing you a penny.


Mobile Apps for Walking

There are all sorts of walking apps for london including some audio tours and most are free. I have tried the two free iPhone apps and they are great. PocketGuide is my favourite.

For the iPhone/iPad

PocketGuide: Travel Guide for London & Paris: Free.
London Pass - Travel Guide: Free
London Offline Map Guide $1.99
London Pub Crawls $0.99
London Pub Walks $6.99
Best London Pubs $4.00

Android Apps

London Map and Walks: Free (by, Inc.)
Exploring Beyond London: £1.99 (by Sutro Media)
London Travel Audio Tour: Free (by travelaudiotour )
StrollOn London: Free (by Locatify)
Explore London: Free (by Lets Go Inc)

Online London Route Finder is my favourite route finder online. It is quick, you don't need post codes and its great for information on London in general.

Walking Quotes

WALKING IN LONDON DVD (Footloose Series) 2013 Sightseeing tour in HD

Unusual Walking Tours of London

If you have visited all the usual tourist attractions which London has to offer you might like to try a more unusual walking tour.

These guys offer a tour which uncovers some of the capital’s more unusual corners. You will see Britain’s smallest police station, the only street in Britain where cars drive on the right and also London’s most devious piece of advertising. You get to learn lots of amazing trivia on London which you wouldn't hear about on any other tour.

Walking Facts

  • Brisk walking helps reduce body fat, lower blood pressure, and increase high-density lipoprotein
  • Walking is the most popular form of physical activity in the United States.
  • On average it takes 1 hour and 43 minutes of walking to burn off a 540-calorie Big Mac.
  • Scientists believe that walking originated underwater by “hopping” air-breathing fish
  • A 60kg person burns 99 calories in 30 minutes
  • Fast walking burns 150 calories in 30 minutes


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    • ameliam.michelle1 profile image

      Ameliam Michelle 4 years ago from London, England

      London is indeed one of the best places to explore by foot. With so many historic neighbourhoods lying nearby, travellers would enjoy walking through the city.