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London to Bahrain Flights

Updated on April 25, 2011

London Bahrain Flights

What is the best way to get a Flight from London to Bahrain?

Many airlines have flights connecting Bahrain from London but only two arlines fly the route non-stop. These two airlines are Gulf Air and British Airways, with all the flights departing from London's Heathrow Airport. Gulf Air have 3 flights daily while British Airways have one. The Gulf Air flights depart one in the morning and two in the evening,the daily British Airways flight to Bahrain departs in the morning. Gulf Air codeshars on these flights with British midland making connections from UK regional Airports and Ireland easy.

The flight time from London to bahrain varies with the season and the change in speed and direction of the upper atmosphere jet streems.The flights are normaly quicker in winter than in summer with a flight time from 6 to 7 hours. The distance between London and Bahrain is approximatly 5081KM,3157 Miles,2743 Nautical Miles.

The route of the flight will be something like UK-Holland-Germany-Austria-Eastern Europe-Black sea-Turkey-Syria-Jordan-Saudi Arabia-Bahrain. This route will varry on a daily bassis depending on the wind conditions.

This non-stop routing with Gulf air or British Airways is the easiest route, so how else could you fly to Bahrain from London?

In the past few years many Airlines have started up in various Gulf states. Those Gulf Airlines flying to both London and Bahrain include Emerates based in Dubai,Etihad based in Abu Dhabi,Qatar Airways with a base in Doha,Oman air bases in Muscat and Kuwait Airways based in Kuwait. European Airlines flying to both London and bahrain include Air France with a Paris base,KLM based at Amsterdam and Lufthansa with a Frankfurt connection. All these choices would involve flying first to the airlines main hub and then catching a connecting onward flight to Bahrain. This increases the time of the journey as you may have to wait a long time for the connecting flight or if your initial flight is delayed then you may miss your onward flight and might have a long wait for the next one, this may even stretch into days. Some of these flights involve overflying Bahrain and backtracking to Bahrain from the connecting hub. Other increased risks include a higher probability of luggage going missing. Some of the advantages of this may include a cheaper ticket or the chice to fly from another London airport such as Gatwick.

Types of Aircraft

So, if you are going to fly from London to Bahrain what type of aircraft are you going to fly on, I hear you ask.

Again it depends on who you fly with. For non-stop flights you have Gulf Air and British Airways. Over the years they have used many different types on this route, before it became non stop Gulf Air flew the route using the VC10 with a stop in Lebanon. When they started flying non stop they used the Tristar (L1011), then the Boeing-767 and today they fly the route with either an Airbus 330 or 340 depending on which flight you take. British Airways use the Boeing 747 in their daily service at the moment but in the past have used the Trister,767 and 777.

The airlines flying via other stations also fly a large number of different types of aircraft and the type may change enroute as you change aircraft. The types that these aircraft fly include B-777,B-747,B-767,A-330,A-340. From this we can see that whoever you fly with the chances are that you will fly the longer sector of a multi sector trip on a semi, or a full wide body aircraft. In this description I have included the B-767 as a semi-widebody aircraft.

Arrival in Bahrain

What do you do upon arrival at Bahrain Airport?

If you have never been to Bahrain before you will be pleased to know that Bahrain is one of the most user freindly international airports that you will find. Even though it can get busy at times it is compact and easy to navigate around. If you arrive at a jety then you disembark and there will be signs to immigration. You may find a small que here but the immigration process is normaly quick. Most nationaliyies can get a visa on arrival at the airport for a small fee, but it is best to check before departure if you qualify.

Once through immigration you have an arrivals duty free shop and then turn left and go down the ramp to baggage claim. If you are lucky your bags will be waiting for you, then it is through customs, normally again very easy, then through the door to the arrivals hall.

This is where any one who is meeting you will be. You will also find car rental desks here and money changers.

If you go out of the closest doors you should find taxis waiting for you. make sure that they use the meeter otherwise they have been known to over charge.


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