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Looking for a sun filled holiday - try Gran Canaria

Updated on June 20, 2010

After the children's club

The aftermath of the chocolate party at the chidlren's club...
The aftermath of the chocolate party at the chidlren's club...

Family holiday in the sun

We recently went looking for a family holiday, which would keep a couple of children busy for a week, and allow us (the parents) to relax. I thought I’d write to let you know what we decided.

Where did you decide to go, I hear you cry. Well, as we were going quite early in the year, we plumped for Gran Canaria. Known for its year round sun this seemed the place to go. It’s also quite close to the UK, being only a four hour flight.

Ah, Gran Canaria you say. Where did you stay.

I’m glad you asked that, we stayed at a rather splendid hotel called the Hotel Orquidea, in Bahia Feliz. This hotel is very family friendly, and so great for the nippers. Bahia Feliz is in a handy position too, as it’s one of the closest resorts to the airport – so the transfer times were kept down to a manageable 20 minutes each way.

If you’re looking for somewhere to drop your bags, and chill for a week or two, it is well worth considering the Hotel Orquidea. There was plenty for the children to do; with three swimming pools and the hotel is right on the beach. And when I say the hotel is on the beach, I mean the children can walk there on their own. None of this on the beach, but just over that 6 lane motorway.

Entertainment (by Thomson)

There was also plenty of entertainment laid on. This might not be for you, but the kids love it. And you can always ignore it if you don’t want to be involved. From kid’s clubs to aqua aerobics – there’s always something going on.

Where can I get this holiday

We booked the Hotel Orquidea through Thomson Holidays, and I’m pretty sure it’s available exclusively through them as there’s a big Thomson logo on the side of the hotel. If Thomas Cook booked this hotel too, I’m sure that logo would annoy them. Anyway, have a little look yourself and see whether this hotel is the one for you.

You can also read our review of the Hotel Orquidea in Gran Canaria, and see what you you think of it.

Been to the Hotel orquidea in Gran Canaria? Let others know what you think

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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Sounds like a great place for a vacation. Thanks!

    • Kavita Trivedi profile image

      Kavita Trivedi-Kapoor 7 years ago from London

      Very insightful -Gran Canaria is defintely next on my list!