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Los Cobanos El Salvador

Updated on February 18, 2012

I have to tell you about an extraordinary place I was able to experience this weekend. I went to Los Cobanos a small fishing village on in the west of san Salvador. Los Cobanos Coral Reef is located in El Salvador; it is one of 5 protected national parks in the country. It has an extension of approximately 157 km making it one of the largest port and most prominent on the American Pacific Coast. It is home to the enormous quantity of biodiversity attracting the best game fish in the region. It has the welcoming characteristics of a family and sport oriented environment situated within a small fishing community.

Los Cabanos Sunset, El Salvador
Los Cabanos Sunset, El Salvador

January and February is the key fishing months in Los Cobanos, El Salvador. It is the premier fishing haven for fishing anglers during these months. They come as the water turns crystal clear with the high tides. Then leave as the water turns murky during the low tides. They use time tested traditional fishing techniques to get the most fish out of the water. They tackle the harsh rocks against the shores as many species of fish love to locate themselves around the rocky surroundings. The beach offers a unique opportunity for anglers and novice fisherman to catch rooster, jack, Spanish mackerel, and snappers.

The morning was so calm and gorgeous watching the sun come up over the east side was a fantastic site. I will have to include some picture of the numerous schools of fish feasting on sardines. In the afternoon, the trade winds arrive in the area, and the opportunity for a pleasant break presents itself only to resume fishing at about 4:30pm, and fishing for another 2 hours. The best fishing is in the mid-morning or after 4:30 where if you like to fly fish you can certainly let it go because there is so many fish out there they will where you out faster than you can catch them. Los Cobanos also is a terrific place to get to know the local inhabitants and participate in their lifestyle and customs, after a day of fishing Saturday we were able to watch the folkloric dancers they are similar to the ones we had seen in sushito graceful and beautiful. But, it was an incredible experience it is one of those hidden treasures that you will not find many gringos doing so if you get a chance this is a place. I would recommend Los Cobanos, to anyone that loves prime fishing and is searching for a weekend of fun and relaxation to get away from everything.


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