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Low Fare European Flights

Updated on June 15, 2012
low cost european flights, columbia114,
low cost european flights, columbia114,

If you are planning to travel across European countries at a fraction of the cost, then a low cost, no frill budget airline may be the ultimate solution for your traveling needs. There are several low fare airlines connecting hundreds of European cities and finding a remarkable deal may depend on how fast and flexible you are in finding the best deal. The cheapest seats generally sell out fairly quickly so keep this in mind or you may be left to deal with the pricier fares.

It is important to keep into consideration that along with remarkable fares there are often accompanying pitfalls. Most cheap tickets are non-refundable and non changeable. This means that you must resort to good thinking before making the move. Because you are paying a low fare ticket, many airlines will also attempt to over charge you for meals, drinks or other extra fees such as carrying an infant on board or extra baggage. It is good practice to read the airline's baggage policies carefully.

These are just a few of the many budget airlines operating in Europe. Keep in mind that budget airlines sometimes tend to go out of business quickly when compared to major airlines. You may also see new unfamiliar airlines popping up here and there every once in a while.

Top European Budget Airlines

• Ryan Air

Perhaps one of the most popular low fare airlines is Ryan Air. This Irish based company  with hubs scattered all across Europe has been capable of offering astounding rates. Despite its low cost, Ryan Air has remained one of the most successful low cost air line to operate in Europe. Fares on Ryan Air's website can be quite alluring starting at seven Euros, however, a small note on the bottom reminds about the extra fares to include on top of that. Yet, adding up the costs, Ryan Air is still capable of offering some quite competitive prices.

• Easy Jet

Next in line in terms of popularity is Easy Jet, another leading low cost airline when it comes to European flights. While some fares may appear costly at a first glance, if you are flexible, you may search the three week view which offers a calendar displaying the lowest fares. Here you may find some really great deals. But if you are really into saving and are not in a rush, consider looking at the year view and shopping for the lowest fares. You may find deals as low as twenty Euros! Extra charges may apply.

• Air Berlin

Air Berlin is Europe's third largest low cost airline. The airline offers flights to several European cities with particular interest to special holiday destinations. Air Berlin owns one of the most modern fleets in Europe, ensuring planes are replaced regularly so to remain safe, yet economical. Air Berlin has won the "Best Low-Cost Airline Europe" award for six times in a row.

These are just a few of the many low cost European low fare airlines. A more extensive list may be found on Keep in mind that European budget airlines will not pamper you. Forget about those nice warm meals, free drinks and news papers. You will just make it to your destination in one piece but with a much fuller wallet. This may  ultimately allow you some extra money to spend on your trip!


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    • ocbill profile image


      8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      I never heard of easy jet. Now it's on my list. My 1st trip to Europe was before it was the EU for $300 R/T


    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 

      8 years ago from Northern, California

      As always, really good information. Pairs well with your 'Safest Airline to fly' hub, of which both I find great.



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