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Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas Guide and Review

Updated on March 22, 2011

Is the Luxor Luxurious?

The Luxor is one of the most well-known hotels in Las Vegas. It's shaped like a giant black pyramid and has a light beam coming out the top of it that can be seen by pilots flying over Los Angeles. It's the brightest light beam in the entire world, but if you're traveling to Las Vegas do you really care about that stuff? You can't enjoy the light beam or even the pyramid shape when you're sitting in your hotel room. So I'm here to answer the question: is the Luxor a palace of luxury or just a craphole?

First, I've got to give some tips for people who have already booked a room at the Luxor. When you are waiting around to check in, there will be Luxor employees who act like Las Vegas guides who will ask you if it's your first time staying there. If you say that it is, you'll get their sales pitch. For a $100 deposit, they'll tell you that you can reserve a free 3 night stay at the Luxor next time you come back, and when you book your next trip you'll get your deposit back. Sounds like a great deal, right? Wrong. Read the fine print. In order to receive the free room, you have to endure one of those brutal timeshare sales pitch seminars. Who wants to come to Las Vegas to be sold a timeshare? Refuse to pay a deposit on any deals they offer. It's a scam, and the Luxor should know better than to treat guests this way.

Luxor rooms and suites

The Luxor was built around 1990. As a general rule, you should never stay at a Las Vegas hotel that is more than 15 years old unless you can get an incredible deal and don't mind staying in a dirty, run-down hotel room. The Luxor is really no exception to this rule.

The rooms are decorated in this fake Egyptian theme, even though most of the casino and lobby got rid of the Egypt stuff years ago. I guess it would have been too expensive to re-do the rooms. The TV's are all the old kind of console TV and their like 27 inches. There is no wifi available in the Luxor. I'll repeat that: the Luxor does not have wi-fi. There is one internet connection, but it's on a cable located in the worst possible spot, right by the TV. The tether is like 2 feet long, so you'll have to find a way to use your computer in the middle of the room instead of conveniently on a desk off to the side. If you have it available you'd be better off just using your phone for internet.

I feel obligated to write about the bathrooms. The bathrooms I have seen with my own eyes at the Luxor all have a black mold problem. It grows on the fake brick tiles in the shower, especially in the mortar areas between the brick. It's a problem, and the Luxor seems to be unwilling to acknowledge this. They are endangering the health of their guests by doing so.

The suite package I got the last time I stayed at the Luxor (which was within the past year) included 2 beds, 2 27" TVs, 1 phone, a small side room with a couch, coffee table, and small circular table, a bathroom with 1 sink and a shower (no bath), and a jacuzzi in the main room by the window. The jets on the jacuzzi did not work and it did not drain properly. I just left it half-filled when I checked out, figuring if they wanted to cause a fuss over it I was ready for a fight (it's their jacuzzi, and therefore their problem that it was broken). The view would have been decent if the outside of the windows were ever cleaned. It was like looking through the back window of a car that had been driven all winter without ever being washed.

Overall, the Luxor suite was about $50 less per night than a suite at the Venetian, at the other end of the Strip. It was not worth the savings. Not even close. If you want a better hotel experience at the south end of the Strip, stay at Mandalay Bay

Things to Do at Luxor

There are many things to do at Luxor even if you decide not to stay there (and if you're reading my review, you probably won't). LAX at Luxor is one of the most popular clubs in Las Vegas and should definitely be a part of your nightly club circuit. The CatHouse is a club with a old-timey bordello theme that oddly-enough it targeted toward women who just want to do a girls night out.

During the day the Luxor has a few exhibits that are quite interesting. The Bodies exhibition features real human cadavers (imported from Asia. I'm not kidding either) that you can look at. You'll learn exactly what the various parts of the body look like including hearts, brains, lungs, and even a diseased liver. Most of the specimens look to be elderly people, so I wouldn't be too concerned that China is executing prisoners to supply material for an exhibit in Las Vegas.

The Titanic exhibit is great for anyone interested in the epic disaster or that sappy film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Philip Seymour Hoffman as his love interest Rose. There are a bunch of artifacts recovered from the actual ship, but no sparkling blue diamonds.

Criss Angel and Carrot Top also perform at the Luxor, which is great if you're into terrible musicians and/or comedians. Luxor also has Menopause The Musical, because they wanted to have a complete monopoly on the word "insufferable".  

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