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Luxury Accommodations In Puerto Vallarta on the Cheap

Updated on December 10, 2012
Roof top pool at Selva Romantica
Roof top pool at Selva Romantica

Selva Romantica, Great price, Great location

Over the years traveling solo to Puerto Vallarta I have always stayed on the South Side also known as Romantica Zone or Old Town. My first few years I have stayed at a budget hotel, Posada Rodgers. I found this small hotel to meet most of my needs, clean, great location and safe but very basic. The rooms had nothing more than a bed and one or two pieces of furnature.
Two years ago I found Selva Romantica, a fantastic series of condos with what I believe is the best pool in Puerto Vallarta. The complex is gated and beautifully landscapped with a series of buildings of different size condos. Each unit is unique and all are owned by mostly Americans and Canadians that rent them out when they are back home.
Surprisingly some of these units are under a hundred American dollars a night. I couldn’t resist spending the few extra bucks and staying in one of these beautiful condos. Since each unit is individually owned the quality and taste of each unit is different. I have stayed in three different units and I would stay again in a heart beat in any of them again.
Selva Romantica is perched on a hill above Francisca Rodriquez street in the heart of Old Town. Right outside the main gate and down the hill you can see the beach three short blocks away. Going down the hill to the beach you will find the Metamorfosis day Spa owned by a wonderful lady Angie with the best massage and spa services in Puerto Vallarta bar none. Going past the Spa you will come to the corner at Olas Altas and on the right will see Apache’s Martini Bar and Bistro. One of my favorite hangouts and very popular. It's a lesbian owned bar that welcomes all folks. Right past Apache's is Andales, a small but loud bar which is probably the most well- known bar in Puerto Vallarta.
Heading down the hill you come to the beach and CyCs or Cuates y Cuetes, a small Beach side bar that is popular with expats. A great place to watch a sunset or listen to live music at night.
There are many, many restaurants around Selva Romantica. I spend about 75% of my vaction within a one mile radius of the condos.
I found out about Selva Romanica from Trip Advisor. All the reviews rated this complex outstanding. I usually only go to Puerto Vallarta once a year so I will splurge and spend a few extra bucks to upgrade from a budget hotel and stay at the Romantica.
Rooms can be reserved from Eileen Key who manages some of these properties at or contact her directly at She is a great lady, a self-described aging hippie but I find her to be more in the mold of a soft-spoken Southern lady. She is a great person to work with. Most of my emails have been replied to with- in hours and she makes sure to greet you when you arrive. She is originally from Oregan but spends a big chunk of her life in Puerto Vallarta these days. Any questions on Puerto Vallarta feel free to ask. I like sharing this wonderful city with other people.

Another great shot of the pool
Another great shot of the pool
View From my condo
View From my condo


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