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Luxury villas on Koh Phangan, fullmoon party Island, Thailand

Updated on September 25, 2011

Koh Phangan Beach

Phangan Island

Koh Phangan is a small Island located in the Gulf of Thailand, it has a neighboring Island called Koh Samui which is a larger Island and Koh Tao which is smaller and a popular diving destination.

Koh Phangan is famous for its parties associated around the phase of the moon. Full moon, half-moon and black moon are the three big parties on the Island, the full moon party being the biggest full moon party in the world. This is located on a beach called Haad Rin. But Koh Phangan is not all about big parties, its also and Island known as a great place to relax and chill out. With lots of white sandy beaches and dense jungles Koh Phangan is a very beautiful Island.

Activies and things to do

Koh Phangan has loads of interesting things to do, it’s a real outdoor adventure with all its natural scenery. The Island has acres of undisturbed tropical rainforest and wild jungle interior. Mountain treks to the tops of the highest peaks including the highest of them all Khao Ra. Kilometres of coastline walks making it easy to access and beach hop around the whole Island. The list of activities never ends, from diving around coral reefs, snorkelling, and fantastic boat trips to other Islands including the National Marine Park which is part of the Anthong Islands just of the coast of Koh Phangan.

Back to the land and you can find Thai Boxing schools, cooking schools and for the more active ones you can always do some cycling or mountain biking and explore the Island. There are temples, viewpoints and plenty of beaches to discover and enjoy. Kayaing, Wake-boarding, Kite boarding, beach football, volleyball, sailing and windsurfing are just a few more things that are available on this Island.

The Island of Phangan is very well known for its Yoga retreats and meditation. Yoga schools are located all over the Island and this is one reason why Koh Phangan is very chilled out place.

Koh Phangan Villa

Koh Phangan has a wide selection of bungalows, hotels and villas dotted all-round the Island. Renting a villa on Koh Phangan can make a dream vacation for you and your family. Having your own private villa on Koh Phangan is really quite special, because Koh Phangan does not have many private villas.

A perfect villa is Serenity Lodge, which is a luxury villa that has magnificent views across a beautiful bay and beach. The villa sleeps up to 12 people with six luxury bedrooms all with air-conditioning, satellite TV, wifi internet etc..More villas on Phangan


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