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Lyon and her identity

Updated on December 30, 2011

Are we still aware of our identity?

In 2010 I was a long time, even during the summer in Lyon. Peak in Lyon in the year, the Fete de Lumiere, delusions down all decorated and lit. Like a river, bar and square is typical in Europe, Lyon has its own identity. If you see the rivers, the Saone and Rhone, meanders through the city like they always have been. You can imagine how old the merchants were solved on the banks of the river, full of merchandise from the south and east, for the towns in the interior of Europe, and Lyon for me is of of the magical cities in Europe. The question in this article, also in light of the euro crisis, there is a European identity in 2012?

What is identity? What does it consist of? What connects one person to another? I guess identity for part of the whole culture and customs, the external identity. There are also a part in you, which was given by your parents and others who cared for you when you were little. This is the internal identity or personality. Independent and strong, unaffected by others. This inner part provides for creation and inspiration for healing and joy. The external part, such that part of your identity that is influenced by others provides social embeddedness, through contact with others. The interior is also by its appearance care. European identity is ambiguous in this regard. Europe is divided, in many regions. It's confusing when people talk about the European identitity have. They mean the interior or appearance? For the purposes of lighting, creative ideas, composers and writers, for example, previously referred to the inner. For the purposes of the cafe, commercial plazas and think before you to the external variant. One side needs the other. One example is the spread of Protestantism by people talking about it outside or in the churches. As always, this creates a tension between the inner (Freud ich) and external (Freud-es), which is out of such tensions and neuroses. Poorly when the two are balanced, so it fits seamlessly with the outside inward, you feel you can contribute something in your natural environment, the situation is satisfactory, I think. Europe is a mix of cultures. It's not a contradiction, but customization of different identities together seamlessly. In Lyon, for example, came many merchants, who trade their stories and were again passed to other merchants, for example in the 16th century.

At the other end of the spectrum is the immigrant who work outside the state. There are people in Europe who do not feel they have something useful to contribute. And immigrants who have something useful to contribute (eg educated young Moroccans in the Netherlands). The question is how for example in France, the French government can contribute to an identity of immigrants, for example in the suburbs of Lyon or Paris, seen te riots in for example 2008. I think these two to unite the best of both worlds to offer. So for example, pride in their culture and respect the other benefits of working show.

And what strikes me is the joy of the people in Lyon. It seems that people are determined to get the most out of life . And secondary side is that you can lose in trite and lethargie. That I am well again by the amount of excitement that the city has to both. Lyon have a lot of you have opinions, and this is divided. Anyway it is true that the hair or love. I love it. The River Saone and the Rhone also cut in half so the town. The Rhône is the trading and traffic road. The Saone is the tourist, old part. And every Sunday there is a market along the banks of the Saone with the best artichokes, tomatoes and figs. My personal favorite along the banks of the Rhone. The liveliness, and the neighborhoods overlooking the hills I remember no more. For mine is alive, throbbing, and authentic. I feel the pulse of the ancient travelers between south and west come here. And sometimes I have the urge to move. Like the ancient travelers. Perhaps to Santiago de Compostela? For now go home with a new identity? Seems to me I have changed. Would you in 2012?


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