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A visit to Toronto, Canada!

Updated on June 9, 2013
 This hub is dedicated to my Uncle Johnny, who went to be with the Lord. Luv ya, Johnny!
This hub is dedicated to my Uncle Johnny, who went to be with the Lord. Luv ya, Johnny!


A couple of years back, I went to visit my cousin Johnny Santos, Jr. in Toronto, Canada. It was my first time going to that place Taking a flight from Norfolk, Va, I stopped at Buffalo, NY. I drove with my Uncle Johnny from that city,which was about an hour and a half, to see his kids. It had been about more than 20 years since I last saw Johnny, my cousin. Upon arriving at the Canadian Border, I was arrayed with a bunch of questions by a friendly, yet firm officer. Upon checking in and filling out paperwork, I was back on the road.


Many people think that Canada is a French speaking country. Nothing could be further than the truth, Yes, there are provinces in which French is, widely, spoken but Toronto's main language is English. Funny how alike our customs are in Toronto. I felt like I didn't leave the States and the people are very friendly,indeed. Upon arriving in Toronto, I met with my cousin and it was great. Apart from a few gray hairs, My cousin Johnny had the same smile and had not changed much.


We saw Niagara Falls in all its glory. It is a sight to behold and,quite frankly, it takes your breath away. The waters makes a loud,yet,serene sound. I have downloaded a picture for you to see what's its all about. Afterwards, we drove around and traffic was not too bad. A word of caution, the speed limit is 100. It is not 100 mph, but kph. A funny story was told of my Aunt, who visited her son Johnny from New York. She was impressed at how fast you could get around with the speed limit being 100. When she told her story to Johnny, he gasped and corrected her on the speed limit. He explained to her that the system on speed was different. A funny story, indeed. It was a miracle that she did not get caught. So, remember, don't go 100 mph on Canada's roads.To be on the safe side, go anywhere from 55 to 60 mph.


Afterwards, we toured Downtown Toronto, where its buildings are huge and wide. What I found amazing is that Toronto has one of the biggest shopping centers of the world. You can walk miles and miles and not see an end in sight which would be heaven for the most die hard shoppers. To top it off, they have a subway underground to help you get to your favorite store faster. The transportation system in Toronto is fabulous and they have trains to get you anywhere in Canada.


Afterwards, we had some great family times with my cousin Johnny and Alvin. They were funny and gracious. We played some musical instruments and had the time of our lives. We, also, talked about the funny moments in our lives. Thanks Johnny and Alvin for showing me around. God bless you. Folks,Toronto is a great place to go visit. Check it out for your next vacation!

A Boatride in the Niagaras!
A Boatride in the Niagaras!

Video of Niagara Falls

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The Falls of Niagara

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    • RedElf profile image

      RedElf 6 years ago from Canada

      How lovely you saw part of Canada! I love the shopping district too!