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Updated on August 5, 2011

My experience with collage

Collages are something I thought I would never like, but realized it was my inner talent and true passion. If you are a person who likes detail, but likes colors and patterns, the art of collage is definitely for you. It is a way of expressing yourself through bits and pieces of others works. My first collage was on printer paper and about things as random as random to get, but one thing I know is that it came from my heart. Plastered onto the paper were big signs with art and pictures of horoscopes, dresses, swimmers,Aliceand wonderland, flowers. In between my favorite items were inspirational quotes that I still look at to this day. Realizing how much fun it can be, I decided to get more specific and do a fashion collage. Then I made one of a recent vacation. Collages can be of the most simple ideas, and of the most specific ideas, but no matter what it is about, you have to be passionate about it, and truly like it, or else the final product will not have reached its’ true potential.

How to.....

What you will need

-paper of some sort (printer or colored)

-magazine cutouts, newspaper cutouts....really any pictures you like

-glue, tape


-ribbons, bows, frills, etc.

1. Cut out everything you want from wherever you can get it, be as spontaneous as you like

2. Arrange everything you want on the piece of paper, you can definitely leave white spaces.

3. Glue down everything

4. If you would like, put ribbons and bows to add texture and dimension

5. If you don't like white spaces, draw in little sayings or pictures that relate to your topic and make them colorful


Just to be clear, collages are not something that have clear cut instruction booklet, because they are what you want them to be. Be crazy and loud and love what you do.



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