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Madrid Museums

Updated on September 24, 2012

There countless places, which are interesting to visit. Some attract us by its breathtaking nature, other are presenting bright and colorful culture and others are simply the best place to have a great vacation. If to talk about Spanish capital Madrid, we can say that it overtakes all the above mentioned.

Madrid is a great historical city that is extremely popular among European tourists. Thanks to its fabulous architecture, extravagant monuments and fantastic nightlife it is one of the top places to be visited in the world. Just as every European city is is quite expensive in accommodation and food but at the same time it is affordable in terms of cultural spots like theaters and museums.

If you are a real art-lover you have probably heard about world famous Madrid triangle. The triangle consists of the most famous and most impressive Madrid museums. The list of the museums consists of Thyssen- Bornemisza museum, museo del Prado and Reina Sofia museum. All these museums are known to be most visited art places in the city and the country in total. They present great collections of Spanish art that is known all over the world. Such great pintores (artists) as Rafael, Velasquez and Degas are presented in a large amounts in Reina Sofia museum. The same story is with Museo del Prado, which is obviously one of the best museums to be visited in the world. Apart from great paintings one can find sculptures, carpets and decorative items. One more thing that attracts visitors to both museums is their luxurious look as the design of the museums is simply gorgeous.

The last of three most visited museums in Madrid is Thyssen Bornemisza museum, this museum presents enormous collection of contemporary art that have been bought from prominent Spanish artists. It hosts the largest collection of expressionists, impressionists. Altogether there are about 1 600 paintings made by Spanish, European and American artists. All three museums are on the list of top 10 Madrid museums.

Madrid museum triangle is a great collection of most impressive, interesting and extravagant Spanish art. Visiting these museums will surely leave a lasting impression of the fabulous a in a fabulous city Madrid.


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      Vera Petryk 5 years ago

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      Pavlo Badovskyi 5 years ago from Kyiv, Ukraine

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