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Madrid nightlife detailed information

Updated on September 3, 2013

Madrid the capital of Spain, is the geographical center of the Iberian Peninsula.

Madrid can be called one of the busiest cities in the world , the city that never sleeps or as the Spaniards call it «mucha marcha». Nightlife in Madrid is suitable for everyone, regardless of your desires, abilities, age or nationality. And do not worry if you are with kids. Child friendly zones are placed in almost all of the Madrid bars, cafes and restaurants, and sometimes even pubs, but as for the last place , the resolution you should first ask the staff or the owner of the bar .

Here, life is sparkling with variety of palettes from the modest to the most sophisticated institutions.

In the mid-80s after the fall of the Franco dictatorship, Madrid got accustomed with important cultural changes. The streets now filled with more and more young people.

Most of the clubs in Madrid are open from Thursday to Friday. Closing time depends on the location clubs, generally it is 6-7 o'clock in the morning. Most of the clubs are located in the center of Madrid , although they are not very easy to be found.


Balcon de Rosales - is a modern nightclub with a stylish interior, the hall is divided into three areas : a huge dance floor overlooking the largest park in Madrid, Casa del Campo. There are two separate rooms : a relaxation room , where the sounds of soft music and a restaurant - the perfect place to start the evening. The music in the club is different, here it is made for a mixed audience, nevertheless the dominating part is taken by national and international hits. Admission is free; drinks are about 9 - 12 euros. Opening hours from 11 pm to 5 am .

Address : (Paseo Pintor Rosales s / n. Tel. 915,417,440 . Metro Arguelles).

Fortuny is located in a beautiful historical building ( 19th century ) . The club is divided into a restaurant and a fairly attractive summer terrace. Age group is from 25 to 40 years. Entry to the club is 12 euros. Open daily 9 am to 5 pm .

Address : (Calle Fortuny 34 . Tel. 913,192,651 . Metro Rubén Darío).

Gabana club is for those who are over 30 . Gabana is a Club luxury class, usually booked wit Madrid celebrities and very well-known people. Plays a mixed music , the best DJs are at the turntables . The club is open to 11vechera to 5 am . Drinks, snacks and beer cost from 12 euros. Service available in the VIP area.

Address : (Calle Velázquez 6 . Tel. 915,760,686 . Metro Velázquez)

A markermadrid, spain -
Мадрид, Испания
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The best transport for the night is taxi,although it costs a lot you will save your hills.

For those who are partying on the budget I reccomend doing it Spanish style: drinking at home before going to club and using subway.

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