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Guide to Magic Kingdom

Updated on May 26, 2009

Welcome to the MAGIC KINGDOM

This is my unofficial guide to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Florida.

Find out everything there is to know about the Magic Kingdom. What are the best rides, how to avoid the longest queues, and where is the best place to watch the fireworks.

Let others know what you think by rating your favourite rides and find out what others think. Come on in, you'll be glad you did.

Most of the pictures I use are of Disney Trading Pins, check out my lens on Disney Trading Pins to find out more.

The Magic Kingdom

Disney Magic at its best!

A lot of people think of Magic Kingdom as being Walt Disney World. The reality is that Magic Kingdom is only a small part of the huge Walt Disney World.

WDW occupies around 28,000 acres, much of which was acquired secretly before the people of the area realised that big plans lay ahead. Magic Kingdom occupies only about 98acres of this huge area.

The reason why people think of Magic Kingdom when talking about Walt Disney World is that the park is probably the most favoured and the most recognisable.

The park really is aimed at children (both young and old) and most children will list this park as their favourite. This does not mean that adults (grown up children afterall!) will not enjoy the park, there are many attractions and events that all will enjoy. Also one other thing to remember is that whilst the kids are happy enjoying everything, the parents can relax a little and enjoy with them.

Remember that Alcoholic Drinks are not allowed inside Magic Kingdom.

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Liberty Square



Mickey's Toontown Fair

Main Street USA

...................... A View of the castle from Main Street Station ......................

How to get to Magic Kingdom

Disney is a large place!

Obviously this will depend on where you are staying. For a lot of people staying off Disney Property, the main choice is to drive to the Disney Transportation Centre and use the Monorail to get to the front of the park. There are other routes, for example there are the ferrys that cross the lake.

Guests staying on Disney Property have more choices depending on which Disney Resort you are staying in. All resorts have Disney buses which will run from the resort to the front of the park. It is a short walk from the bus depot to the park entrance.

Guests staying at the Polynesian Resort, Contemporary Resort, and Grand Floridian Resort can take either the monorail or the ferry.

Guests staying at Fort Wilderness or Wilderness Lodge can use the ferry that runs from these resorts.

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Find your way to the Magic Kingdom - Disney from the Air

You probably won't need a map when you get there as it is so well sign posted, but to give you some peace of mind take a look at this map.

Magic Kingdom - Main Street USA

When you first enter Magic Kingdom you will come through the arches below Main Street Station, you can pick up a park map here.

You then enter into the square with Main Street itself heading up towards the castle. Guest relations and the Kodak photo center are located in the square. It is worth going into the photo centre as there are some good photo opportunities and also you will often find some characters cooling off out of the sun. As it is quieter in there you get much more interaction with the characters.

Main Street is lined either side with Retail Outlets where you can purchase almost anything Disney and some minor attractions. Most people when arriving at Magic Kingdom, will walk up Main Street and head off towards one of the 'lands'.

The Disney Parade finishes by going down Main Street and this is a very popular location for viewing. If you do not want to watch the parade it is best to stay away from Main Street during the time that the parade is on.

There are often Cast Members out during the lead up to the parade to keep people entertained. The picture shows my daughter taking part in a skipping activity.

Main Street is also one of the most popular locations for viewing the firework show at the end of the day. This is because of the close proximity to the exits and most people like to get away straight after the show and try to beat the queues. If this is what you want to do watch the fireworks from right at the end by Main Street Station. If you want the best views of the fireworks, you are better off watching from other locations.

See my Main Street USA Lens for more information.

Walt Disney World Railroad

Magical Disney Steam Trains

This is an often overlooked attraction that circles the perimeter of the park. When you enter the park, Main Street Station is directly above you.

The steam railroad runs throughout the day with a total circuit taking about 19 minutes depending on the length of the stops.

Taking the railroad can be a good way to get to the far side of the park without walking. Including Main Street Station there are 3 Stations around the 1.5 mile track. The others are at Frontierland and Mickeys Toon Town.

There are four locomotives, the Lilly Belle, Roger Broggie, Roy O. Disney, and Walter E Disney.

Magic Kingdom - Tomorrowland

Disney rides galore at Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland has a number of great rides and attractions. There are some old favourites along with some newer stuff. Most recent addition is the Laugh Floor.

As the name suggests Tomorrowland was supposed to show the future, this was probably good at the time of opening but the theme has somehow become a little dated. Disney are slowly bringing some of the older attractions up to date, but they could probably do with being a bit more futuristic again.

One of the best rides in Tomorrowland is Space Mountain, riding mostly in the dark this is a great roller coaster ride. Longs queues are worth the wait but can be bypassed using fast pass. You should definitely make time to ride Space Mountain.

If your kids are too small for Space Mountain or they don't like the roller coaster then they will certainly love Buzz Lightyear, especially if they are love arcade type games. This ride is based on scoring points by shooting aliens. Great fun, a bit of competitive spirit thown in and you have a winning ride.

There are plenty of places to eat in Tomorrowland, with Cosmic Ray's being the biggest. This is the place to go for fast food, however there are plenty of others for snacks, ice creams, or a wider menu choice.

My Tomorrowland Lens has a much more detailed review of this area of Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom - Mickey's Toontown Fair

Children's delights at Disney

Mickey's Toontown Fair Fair is aimed at the younger visitors, but older visitor will still enjoy most of it. You can meet many favourite characters in Toontown Fair, be sure to get autographs and photographs. Younger kids will really enjoy this. There is a train station at the bottom end of Toontown Fair where you can get the Magic Kingdom train back to Main Street Station and other stops around the line.

See my Toontown Fair Lens for more detailed information on Mickey's Toontown Fair


Once again this part of Magic Kingdom is aimed at children who will have a great time here. Adults will enjoy just as much though.

You can enter Fantasyland either by passing through the castle or from Torrowland or Liberty Square. Main attractions in this area are Snow Whites Scary Adventure, Philhamagic, It's a Small World and Peter Pan among others.

Fantasyland is very popular with young families and because of this there is always an abundance of strollers either being pushed around or parked up near to the attractions. These take up an amazing amount of space so the area can be quite conjested at times. Just remember to keep an eye on small children as it is very easy to be distracted.

You can see a more detailed description of Fantasyland and all the attractions on my Fantasyland lens.

Magic Kingdom - Liberty Square

Relax in Disney's Liberty Square

Liberty Square is located between Frontierland and Fantasyland. Walking up Main Street USA it is located to the left of the castle.

Liberty Square is much more laid back and relaxing, and has only 3 main attractions. These being Haunted Mansion, Hall of Presidents and the Liberty Belle paddlesteamer.

The theme is Colonial America with brick buildings and a replica of the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Tree is located in front of the Liberty Tree Tavern, unlike some other large trees in Disney this is actually a real tree.

There is a wooden pillory (stocks) between the Liberty Tree Tavern and the Liberty Belle Steamer. This provides a great photo opportunity.

Take time to explore the shops in this area, there are some really special shops that are not featured elsewhere in the parks, although some similar can be found at the Marketplace in Downtown Disney.

The Magic Kingdom Parade goes through Liberty Square and this can be a great place to watch from. If you are eating in the Liberty Tree Tavern you may even be lucky enough to have a window seat as the parade goes by.

My Liberty Square Lens has more information on this wonderful part of Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom - Frontierland

Old Wild West Disney Sytle

Frontierland is based on the pioneering spirit of the old wild west. This is reflected in the rides that are located in this area.

The big favourites are Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Whilst these are geeting a bit old now, their popularity just goes to show how good they really are.

You can also spend time on Tom Sawyers Island or with the bears in Country Bear Jamboree.

Frontierland is located beyond Adventure and can be accessed either by going through Adventure or from Liberty Square. There is a fair bit of room to walk around and there are plenty of places to wait for riders if you are a non-rider. The Magic Kingdom Parade starts in Frontierland and the route that it takes can become congested before and immediately the parade. Either watch the parade, be on one of the rides or in a different part of Magic Kingdom at these times.

As well as the hard landscaping around the rides there is a fair bit of greenery in the area making for a very pleasant environment.

The Disney Railroad stops between Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and taking the train from Main Street Station to here can be a good idea.

There are plenty of places to eat and loads of gift outlets. There is also a Pin Traders store in this area.

My Frontierland lens has more details on this area of the park.

Magic Kingdom - Adventureland

Check out the attractions at Disney's Adventureland

Adventure is to the left at the end of Main Street.

There are 5 main attractions in this area along with some shops and some fast food outlets.

The theme of Adventure is tropical vegetation. The landscape resembles a rain forest and the buildings appear to have come from the sets of Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean amd other similar scenes.

See my ADVENTURELAND LENS for a more detailed description of Adventureland and the rides within it.

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Disney's Magic Kingdom Interesting Facts

Topical Disney gems

The four locomotives that run on the Walt Disney Railroad were all built between 1916 and 1928 and used to haul freight carsfilled with jute, Sugar, and hemp across Yucatan Jungles.

The Tropical Vegitation seen in Jungle Cruise is real and is kept warm during the cooler winter months by a series of over 100 heaters hidden amongst the rocks.

There are over 300,000 individually hand fixed leaves on the Swiss Family Tree House in Adventureland.

Disney Magic Kingdom Tips

If you want to see some tips to help you make the most of your trip to the Magic Kingdom check out my Disney Hints and Tips.

Interesting Books on Magic Kingdom

These will provide more information about Magic Kingdom

Disney Guides

Take a look at these guides for further information

Do you have something to say or something to add? This si your chance to leave comments for all to see.

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