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Magical Honeymoon Getaways

Updated on May 20, 2014

Where Would You Really Like to Go?

Decide first where you would really like to go. Some people like the sea and some would rather go to the mountains. Keep in mind where your partner would like to go. Both of you should agree on where you want to go. I am sure you know that.

Find out first where you both really want to go. Make sure your partner is not really saying they want to go just to please you. If they really do though, it could just be love. There is nothing really bad about just letting love play out. To make sure everything is going smoothly though it might be a good idea if you are both on the same page when it comes to planning.

There are some magical places of course such as Yosemite that everyone else wants to see also. Nearly everywhere you want to go has many others with the same idea. What you want to do also is to create your own magical space. It should be a time when you can relate to each other.

The Fairy Pools of Isle of Skye, Scotland

Fairy Pools, Cuillin, Isle of Skye, Scotland
Fairy Pools, Cuillin, Isle of Skye, Scotland | Source

Anne Boleyn's Ghost at Blickling Hall

Different Types of Honeymoons

Magical - Different places you can go to are really special. Besides being beautiful places to go to, there are legends about them that relate to magic and the supernatural. They could be related to fairies or angels or other magical beings. It could include going to castles and other beautiful places.

Magical places could include the Fairy Pools in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Another magical place is the Mulgrave woods and castle. It is located in Yorkshire, England. It is supposed to be an enchanted woods with a bad fairy. The castle is not available to stay in but you can go to the woods on Wednesdays and the weekend. Check to make sure on the days. There are of course, several castles you can stay in, in England. Check the castles section below.

Romantic - Of course, there is the romantic type of honeymoon. That is the one that we all dream of where all of our dreams come true. It can be a lot to live up to. You want the perfect room for that. It should have the right furnishings to get you in the mood. The place should be romantic in nature. It is important to be able to be alone. An island holiday or a romantic big city like Paris would be ideal for this. It can be expensive. It is something that one can remember for a lifetime.

Travel Holiday - For this holiday the honeymooners may be more intent on going somewhere special. They want to get away from their usual boring city. Actually the more adventurous cities they can hit the better. They will bond together while out on holiday. Being together in foreign cities and having different adventures can make a couple come closer together. Hawaii and Paris are favorites for couples to go to. Tahiti is also very popular for honeymoon vacations.

History - History buffs will enjoy going somewhere that gives them all of their history fantasies. Going to places that they have only read about in books can create quite an atmosphere. The idea is to take advantage of the idea of going on a honeymoon and be able to also see different places that have references to history that you are interested in. If you are both interested in the same historical site it is ideal. This can include sites that relate to different books.

An example would be someone may want to see where Custer's Last Stand happened or Wounded Knee. Another person could want to see New York City where George Washington said goodbye to his troops. A woman may be really interested in seeing where the ghost of Anne Boleyn still haunts England.

Spiritual - This holiday includes something that makes you very spiritual. It could be your own religion that you grew up in that you want to get closer to. It could also be going to spiritual places that you feel interested in that will give you a lift. It is a great way to get more spirituality into your relationship.

Couple Bonding - For this honeymoon you want to be able to especially find ways to get closer together. There needs to be a time when you can spend time together. Maybe you haven't quite had enough time together to really get to know each other. This is the time you can have together to be even more in love. It should be someplace quiet you can relax in.

Special Interest - These honeymoons could be related to a special interest that one or both of the couples have. The lady could be interested in cooking or both of them could be into it. One of the parties could really love hiking and want to take the other person to a great place that they saw before. It could be a hike in Hawaii or other places. One might worry a bit about fishing but then there is love there. A nature tour is a wonderful idea. How about the rainforest?

Blickling Hall, England

Place reputed to be haunted by Anne Boleyn's ghost
Place reputed to be haunted by Anne Boleyn's ghost | Source



Seeing Fairies and Magical Beings

Even if you are not actually able to see the fairies and other mythical creatures you can still get a feeling of it all by being in the magical places. There is a chance that you might see something of one or more. There are many tours to see the fairy places in Ireland. They are still beautiful places. Because of all the beauty and wildness the fairies like them. They are still there for those that believe in them.

In the Black Forest you are really close to fairytales. There is a romantic train ride that you can take there though the country called the Sauschwanzelbahn. You should be able to see some fairies and gnomes if you are lucky.

If you really want to see the fairies think about how pretty the flowers are. It might help to carry a picture of the fairies. Of course, as many people know they do enjoy gifts of food and drink.

Most countries and places have myths about fairies and other magical beings. It is something that is known about worldwide.

Mystical Places of Ireland with Fairies

Castle Ewen & the Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye, Scotland
Isle of Skye, Scotland | Source

Fairy Castle, County Dublin, Ireland

Cairn & Trig Pillar at top of Two Rock Mountain
Cairn & Trig Pillar at top of Two Rock Mountain | Source

Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Under control of Denmark, a place for trolls and elves
Under control of Denmark, a place for trolls and elves | Source

Vioareioi, Faroe Islands

owned by Denmark
owned by Denmark | Source



Norway Fjord


Lake Titisee, The Black Forest, Germany

Many fairytales are here in the Black Forest
Many fairytales are here in the Black Forest | Source

Enchanted Forest, Honolulu, Hawaii

The Enchanted Forest
The Enchanted Forest | Source

Goddess Flora, Dresden, Germany


Dancing Fairies

National Art Project
National Art Project | Source

Fairy Circles, NW Namibia, South Africa

The fairy circles were believed to have magical powers by the Himba and bushmen thought they were made by spirits
The fairy circles were believed to have magical powers by the Himba and bushmen thought they were made by spirits | Source

Sunrise Tangalla Beach, Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka Leopard


Go to Paradise

There are places that are still close to paradise in the world. Some say that Sri Lanka is one. It certainly has the idea of one. It looks as if it is a fun place to go. It has a tropical climate. It even has animals like elephants and leopards. It has beautiful beaches especially in the southern part.

Other places that people want to see to have peace and an experience are Bali and Tahiti. There are many more places that you can go also that are still untouched compared to other countries.

Bali Sunset

Kuta, Bali
Kuta, Bali | Source

Honeymoon Island, Cook Islands

Honeymoon Island, Aitutaki
Honeymoon Island, Aitutaki | Source

Your Own Island Holidays

There is an island you can go to called Honeymoon Island in Aitutaki, Cook Islands in the South Pacific. There is a lagoon there. You can go on a cruise there and stay the night.

There is another island hideaway getaway in the Florida Keys. It is one of the keys called Seabird Key. It is a great place to stay. You can find info on it at

Paris at Night

Paris from the Eiffel Tower
Paris from the Eiffel Tower | Source

Find Your Own Special Place

Finding your own special place can be quite a task. To many it can be close to where they were born. That can always be something special that we remember. Showing it to someone we love can be a joyful experience.

It could also be a place we have always dreamed about. Finding our dreams coming true with that special someone can be quite an experience.

Then you can try to wait and find out. Let yourself be drawn to somewhere that feels right. Get many travel books and decide on the place that appeals the most to you. Ask your love that you have now where they would like to go. Then you can both together find somewhere that pleases you.

Don't let yourself be pushed into somewhere you know won't work out. Letting relatives tell you where to go can put bad things in the air. That is unless they want to contribute a large sum of money and it makes real sense to you.

Some may want a faraway place, but to others the best place is a large city. To others the cities are dirty and grimy. Endeavor to find somewhere you can both find peace.

To some the special place could be sacred. Some can love finding out more about history and being close to it. Going to several different places could make it happen for others. Some want to stay up all night and others want a nice peaceful place to go to. Find somewhere that you feel light and free.

Angel Falls,Venezuela

Angels Falls was named for the US pilot, Jimmie Angel, It is the highest uninterrupted waterfall.
Angels Falls was named for the US pilot, Jimmie Angel, It is the highest uninterrupted waterfall. | Source

Travel Notes

Be sure and check on any travel warnings from your government for the country you are travelling to if necessary. I know Venezuela had some travel warnings for the US where I am from. Get all of the emergency numbers to keep safely. Tell your contacts that you are leaving and where you are going. Take enough emergency money with you. Be sure it is all safe in case something does happen.



Criccieth Castle, North Wales

This is just as an example, not for being available for rent.
This is just as an example, not for being available for rent. | Source

The Queen's Room, Stirling Castle, Scotland

This is just for an example. It is open to the public but probably not for rent.
This is just for an example. It is open to the public but probably not for rent. | Source

Iracema Falls, Amazon River, Brazil


Nature Travel

Being in tune with nature is such a wonderful thing. It is a way for you to share the world together. Many people living in the city get out of touch with nature. Being close to the sea and land gives you a whole different feeling.

Just be sure that you have everything planned so there are no negative things happening. You don't want to need bug spray or something else. Everything should be just perfect.

To Be Continued

There is so much more to write on this on the different parts of it that I think it is going to need to be continued. That is for the travel, nature and history parts of it mainly. It is probably going to be listed under travel for everyone. Also it may be in a romantic nature hub.

I worked in travel companies before. I have enjoyed working for them before and making travel reservations.

Your Honeymoon

What type of honeymoon would you prefer?

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      MG Singh 2 years ago from Singapore

      This is a wonderful post, makes me want to be younger and have another honeymoon

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      Rebecca Mealey 2 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      These are all beautiful places, and thanks so much for sharing in beautiful words and photos.

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      You did an outstanding job with this Hub. It is informative and you included some beautiful photos.

      If I were to go on another honeymoon, I'd chose Puerto Rico!

      Voted UP, etc. and shared.

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