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Main Market Square_Krakow

Updated on March 22, 2016

Perfectly situated at the heart of the city, Main Market Square_Krakow is known as the primary urban space and one of the biggest medieval town squares in Europe with an area of 40,000 square meters. Built in 1257, the main market squares attracts tourists by its rectangular appearance circled by historic charming townhouses, palaces and churches, all with their own original names and curiosities, especially with several centuries old. Most of the buildings boast itself with classic appearance over time, and their basic structures can be seen in their doorways, interior architecture.

At the center of the market square, visitors can see the Cloth Hall stage, reconstructed in 1555 and inspired from the Renaissance style with a beautiful attic or Polish parapet on the peak and furnished with carved masks. It became the very first shopping center of the world. At present, the market square is home to merchant stalls trading amber, lace, woodwork and assorted tourist tat as well as several souvenir shops and cafés. Since 2010, Rynek Underground of 4,000 meters was opened underneath the square, in which the underrated 19th Century Polish Art Gallery is present on the second floor. The Town Hall Tower of 70 meters is arranged next to the cloth hall, which is built from the 14th century and is the only element remaining through lots of damages such as fires, upgrades as well as indifference. Visitors can also go up to the third floor, passing Gothic vaulted rooms where 1960s photographs of Kraków are displayed.

Main Market Square_Krakow is honorably chosen as the best square of the world by the Project for Public Spaces in 2015, where a great number of public events and festivities take place such as the annual Kraków szopka Festival, Lajkonik celebrations, Festival of Military Bands, Juwenalia Student Festival, Christmas, New Year’s Eve party in Poland. The Main Square is closely associated with significant events of the country and has become a historic witness over time.


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