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Main Street Station Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas

Updated on December 16, 2010

Hotel, casino, and microbrewery

The Main Street Station Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas is a bit of an oddity when compared to the other hotels on Fremont Street. I would describe the place as part hotel, part casino, part museum, part microbrewery. The property is connected via a sky walk to the California hotel, it's sister property. If you are staying at the Main Street Station you can use the pool over at the California, which is nice because Main Street Station does not have a pool of its own.  

Main Street Station has been around since 1977, which is old for a hotel by overall Las Vegas standards but relatively young for a downtown Las Vegas establishment, some of which can be over 100 years old (see Golden Gate Hotel). 

Rooms and entertainment

Main Street Station has 403 rooms, which is typical for a hotel in that area of Las Vegas (although tiny compared to the Strip hotels, which can hold 4,000 or more rooms including massive luxury suites and villas). The rooms are nothing special, but they also are dirt cheap. You can get a room at Main Street Station for under $40 a night. A room of comparable size at a new hotel on the Strip might cost $150 or more. Granted, the newer hotel rooms are nicer, but staying at Downtown Las Vegas will always be the better value option, in my opinion.

Getting to the Strip is easy if you're on Fremont Street. Get a lift on one of the Deuce buses, which cost $7 for a 24-hour pass. Some hotels also offer free shuttle buses, but Main Street Station does not and those shuttles can be a pain in the neck sometimes because they don't have as many stops as the public shuttles.  

As I said before, Main Street Station is kind of like a museum. They have all sorts of interesting pieces from around the world, including a piece of the Berlin Wall, doors from the Kuwait Royal Bank, and a Louisa May Alcott pullman car. You can actually find the Berlin Wall in the men's restroom, and it actually has working urinals attached to it. Don't miss you're one and only opportunity to relieve yourself on this famous piece of history! 


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