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Cycle the Main Yarra Trail in Melbourne, Australia

Updated on June 7, 2011

As part of my regular exercise I walked a part of the Main Yarra Trail in Melbourne, Australia today. It is summer and in the sun the city looks nothing short of stunning. There were many cyclists and runners at the Main Yarra Trail but not many walkers. The length of the Main Yarra Trail is 38 kilometers so most people decide to cycle the track instead.

The trail follows the Yarra river, hence the name Main Yarra Trail, from the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne as it meanders towards the central business district of Melbourne. The Yarra river flows along the southern edge of the central business district and it separates the main city from the buildings in Southbank. When you follow that part of the trail you'll stay south of the Yarra river which means you won't go near the crowded city streets and the busy intersection at Flinders Street Station.

The Main Yarra Trail is a great recreational pathway for those who want to walk, run, or cycle in a green environment near the city center of Melbourne.

Melbourne, Australia in summer.
Melbourne, Australia in summer. | Source

Some of the highlights along the Main Yarra Trail are Southbank, the Royal Botanic Gardens and the suburbs South Yarra, Richmond, and Abottsford. A large part of the Main Yarra Trail also goes through the many parks in the north-eastern suburbs, such as Yarra Bend Park, Bulleen Park and the Yarra Valley Parklands.

As you can see there is a lot to see along the way and you will also stay fit by exercising. If you live relatively close to the city then you also live relatively close to the Main Yarra Trail! And that means you have no excuse not to give it a go!

Wear a bike helmet at the Main Yarra Trail

If you decide to cycle the Main Yarra Trail, don't forget that you have to wear a helmet by law in the state Victoria. Your bike helmet must meet the standards for such helmets whenever you are on your bike at the Main Yarra Trail. If you are a resident then you should purchase one if you have a bike but as a tourist you should rent one together with your rented bike.

The Main Yarra Trail is ideal to explore by bike because it's not too long and it can easily be completed on a Sunday afternoon. When the weather is good it can be a great path to cycle with your friends or family.

Make sure you purchase a bike helmet that complies with the Victorian standards for bike helmets.

The Yarra river
The Yarra river | Source

Map of the Main Yarra Trail

Look at this map of the Main Yarra Trail to know the start and end points. The start of the trail is in Templestowe at the Mullum Mullum Creek. Here is another Main Yarra Trail map just in case. Use the zoom buttons near the map to see exactly where you need to go. There are signs along the trial as well that indicate where you need to go and the distances to nearby places.

Closure of the Main Yarra Trail

Be aware that some parts of the Main Yarra Trail can be closed for construction works or other improvements along the trail. To find out more about Main Yarra Trail closure, you should watch the latest trail news for any updates and developments.

It is unlikely that the Main Yarra Trail will be closed but a temporary detour will be provided. Any detours will be clearly indicated with signs as well.

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    • profile image

      mountain bikes melbourne 6 years ago

      I have seen many people riding bikes and doing walking exercise during the day near Yarra river. I think it's the best and suitable place for those activities.

    • simeonvisser profile image

      simeonvisser 7 years ago

      Sure, many people like Melbourne and it is a great place to live. Very green and not as busy as Sydney.

    • Right On Time profile image

      Right On Time 7 years ago from Australia

      This article has made me eagerly anticipate moving to Melbourne (well even more than normal). Thanks :)