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Maine: Inspiration

Updated on July 19, 2014



Maine: Away from the bustle

I know I'm biased. I have lived here for 32 years. Yet I could think of know where else I would rather be. Yes there are times that Florida is very tempting or Canada with their beautiful atmosphere and the things I could be inspired to do there...

But it all comes back to Maine. We have cities and town and the usual bustle and flow of the everyday comings and goings of everyone going from point A to point B. We have our violence and jerks and mongers and our areas to avoid. We don't live in Utopia...not yet anyway. We have the bad but we have the good. We have nature just a few steps in any direction.

Once you get out of our cities and start to explore what we have to offer in the inspirational views of Maine's natural wonders, you will begin to feel the same as I do.



Inspiration of Maine's natural beauty

I like to consider myself an artist. I also would like to be an author someday. As an artist and hopeful writer, you want to surround yourself with as much inspiration as you can.

I have a natural draw to the wilderness and water that Maine provides. It is almost like walking into an ancient world where you can almost forget that just around the corner, there is someone holding up a bank or sitting on their staircase waiting for their neighbor to do something stupid so they can point it out.

You step into the landscape of Maine and all of the normal sounds you are used to are sucked into a vacuum, leaving you with the calming noises of the wind rustling the leaves. The soft trill of a bird or scampering of a little chipmunk poking around for acorns. The trickling of the water cascading serenely down into the forested darkness encourages you to move forward.

You pause a moment as your soul tries to breath in this new air. You then sigh as the tension of all the muddled up civilized atmosphere leaves your body allowing you to absorb the old world, quiet world, soothing world... and with a new found admiration, you move onward to find the old twisted trees, the moss covered ground, or the lichen covered rock face. You travel the inspiring world of Maine traversing streams that seem to sing, the cliffs that stand boldly against the elegant treetops. The crystal clear lakes barely touched by power boats, with the only waves being made by the crosswinds of the silent islands. The loon your only visitor as you relax and start to forget that out there somewhere there is ...something waiting for you?

Just a piece of the woods of Maine


Where else would you want to be?

When every I am having one of my artist blocks or writers blocks and I am in dire need of inspiration I always have an easy solution. I get up and get out.

Maine may not be bigger than some states, but it makes up for it with all its different areas of natural beauties. There is something to say about the multitude of camps Maine has scattered through out the state. Each camp located on a different scene. Each scene an inspiration in itself. All I have to do is walk up to the edge of the woods and instant gratification.

All I needs to do is look around. Let Maine's nature play with all of the senses. The pine smell. The bark of the trees aged covered with old man's beard. The slight shift in the pressure as the weather changes for the hundredth time. The animals chasing each other in total ignorance or lack of care that you are even there. The depths of the forest playing tricks with your eyes making you feel that the woods go on forever and ever into the darkness and hum of whatever is moving about inside.

And that is just from walking to the edge of the forest. Imagine what would happen if you took a walk.


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