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Majestic Cruising Houseboats in the Backwaters of Kerala

Updated on November 10, 2013

Houseboats of Kerala

House boats in Kerala are a part of the state's history. They are long boats made of wooden planks tied together with ropes made from coconut fiber. They were painted with cashew nut oil and fish oil. Usually they are about 70 to 100 feet long and are about 15 to 20 feet wide. They can carry up to 30 tons of men and food materials at a time.

Earlier when the roads were not able to reach the interiors in the state due to the inter connecting waterways, these boats used to carry food and other necessary things to those people. These boats used to travel many days at a stretch and so cooking and staying facilities were available.

Once the road and rail transport started reaching the interiors these boats became redundant. Then came the idea of preparing them for tourism purposes and the houseboat cruises were arranged with all the facilities.


Construction of Houseboats in Kerala Backwaters

Houseboats are a wonder in Kerala which were the the Kettu Valloms or the Rice boats of the olden days. These rice boats were used to carry food and other things from one to place to another in the interior parts of Kerala where there were no roads or other kinds of transport.

Kettu Valloms in Malayalam the local language means knotted boats, where Kettu is Knot and Vallom a boat. These boats are made with Anjali tree planks tied together with ropes made from the coconut fibre. The roof is made of bamboo poles and palm leaves weaved together. The outer part of the boat is painted with cashew oils to prevent the boat getting spoilt as it is always in water. The most interesting and amazing thing about the construction of these houseboats is that not a single nail is used throughout. Only coconut fibre is used to join all the planks, palm leaves and bamboo poles used in the construction of these boats.

Facilities in Houseboats

About the facilities available on the Houseboats

Houseboats, while cruising majestically on the backwaters, look made for each other and create a magic spell on the people who are watching them. There are different varieties / categories of houseboats available, namely, from a single bed roomed houseboat to a five / six bed roomed houseboats. These boats consists of all the facilities that one might only expect in a star hotel.

There are air conditioned and non air conditioned house boats which come with splendidly decorated bedrooms, attached bath, clean and hygienic kitchenette. There is a sun deck in the front part of the houseboat where you can sit and bathe in the soft sun shining through the dense, swaying palm trees, lining on both the sides of the backwaters. The cruises on the backwaters on these houseboats will give you an experience which are amazing, out of the world and are unforgettable for the rest of your life.

The bedrooms have attached bathrooms and have the facility of 24 hours running water, both hot and cold, large sitting are or the sun deck, spacious and fully equipped kitchen with experienced staff for cooking various types of food are some of the facilities available on the house boats.

Various types of Houseboats and tour packages

These houseboats are like palaces floating on the backwaters of Kerala and through the network of canals, lagoons, rivers and the lakes. These boats have helped to explore the charms of the destinations of the area, mainly, Kumarakom, Kuttanad, Kollam, Kochi and ofcourse Alleppey / Alappuzha.

If you like to explore the interiors of Kerala through these wonderful houseboats you can choose the one you like as per your budget. There are actually cheap ones or exclusive and luxurious ones, single to multi bedroomed, air conditioned and non air conditioned houseboats available. You can choose the best tour package for you and your family to cruise through the backwaters of Kerala. There are many available and soyou can choose one you like according to the number of nights you spend on the houseboat and the number of persons travellingin it. You can be sure that the trip will be an ever lasting and a wonderful memory for you

Coco Upper Deck boats

Coco Upper deck house boats for conferences

Nowadays the multi national companies are trying out new methods for their staff for enjoying holidays along with work / business. Upper Deck boats have all the facilities needed for a proper business conference like well furnished hall equipped with state of art gadgets. The staff can enjoy beautiful scenery outside as they sail through the backwaters.

The upper deck of the house boat has all the modern amenities like audio-visual presentation, public address system, close circuit TV, video conference, internet, intercom and modern lighting and many more facilities which are needed for a conference. These boats are also equipped with safety equipment like fire extinguishers, life rafts, fire pumps along with people who are experienced in handling them, life guards. Doctors are also available on call.

There is a generator for power back up if there is any interruption as well as for air conditioning. Bamboo mats, coir carpets and coconut fiber ropes are used to construct the boat for the guests to be able to enjoy their trip even more.

For more details contact

Mr. Switen George (Managing Director)
+91 94460 81 000 (24hrs)

Coco Houseboats Kerala,
Kariyil Chira Buldgs.,
Near Nehru Trophy Finishing Point,
Rajeev Boat Jetty, Thathampally Post,
Alleppey-688 013, Kerala State, South India
Tel:0091 477 223 9904, Fax: 0091 477 223 9903

Budget and standard houseboat cruises

You can find both Luxury and Standard types of house boats in the backwaters of Kerala. Those which come with in small budgets are known as Standard house boats. These house boats are simple but yet very comfortable, one to five bed roomed boats. You can plan a cruise without stretching your budget.

Facilities available in Standard houseboats are :
Fully furnished living rooms and bedrooms with attached bathrooms,
Fully equipped kitchen with a chef, traditional Kerala, north Indian and Jain food served, Non vegetarian food fish fry for lunch and chicken curry for dinner are served.
Separate dining space, Sunbathing decks are also available

For more details about the itinerary and the tariff rates visit Standard Boats

Spice Routes Cardamom Luxury Cruise

Spice Routes Cardamom is a luxurious house boat having two air conditioned spacious bedrooms fully furnished and decorated.

Both the bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms and toilet with quality accessories. The bedrooms are glass paneled so that you can stay in the room and enjoy the country life outside. There is space enough to hold a get together in the upper deck of the Spice Routes house boat. Upper Deck can hold up to 50 persons at a time.

There is a separate dining space and the food is prepared and served. Typical Kerala dishes as well as your favourite dishes are cooked and served.

For more details visit Spice Routes They also have other house boats like 'spice routes clove' and 'spice routes pepper'

Contacts for booking houseboat cruises in Kerala

You can book for these houseboats cruises through District Tourism Promotion council ( DTPC) .

DTPC House boat Pre-paid Counter
For booking houseboats, travelers can make use of the House Boat Pre-paid Counter 'Trusted Service, Trusted Rates' managed by the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC).

To contact DTPC Alappuzha / Alleppey House boat pre-paid counter
Mob : 09400051796 / 09447483308,
Tel : 0477-2251796 / 2253308.

Tourist can make advance booking by transferring INR 2500/- to the account of the DTPC and send email to
The account number of DTPC is
A/c 10150100253203,
Federal Bank Mullackal Branch,
Bank code FDRL 0001015.


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