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Majorca's Hidden Gems: Places to Visit On The Mediterranean Island

Updated on January 15, 2015

Why Majorca?

With approximately 6 million tourists per year, the idyllic Mediterranean isle of Majorca is undoubtedly a popular holiday destination. It is the largest of the four Balearic islands, with temperatures reaching 30°C in the summer, and it is only a 2 hour flight away from London. Often, however, the popular party resort of Magaluf steals much of the limelight, and it is easy for many hidden gems to go unnoticed. The south of the island has endless beauty with each cove offering something different to the last. Even the smallest and seemingly insignificant location may be hiding your ideal holiday hotspot.
This hub will expose these beautiful spots and provide information and insight into Cala Viñas, Puerto Portals, and Santa Ponça.

Cala Vinas Beach.
Cala Vinas Beach.
A view of Cala Vinas with a peak at Simon Cowell's villa.
A view of Cala Vinas with a peak at Simon Cowell's villa.
A view of the bay and the pool at the Sentido Cala Viñas.
A view of the bay and the pool at the Sentido Cala Viñas.

Cala Viñas

The beautiful cove of Cala Viñas lies next door to Magaluf, the infamous Spanish party resort best known for its alcohol-fuelled night life. Yet, despite such close proximity, the two could not be more different. If you seek quiet, peace, and relaxation then Cala Viñas is the place to go.

It is a tiny inlet that makes you feel as though you are in your very own paradise. The small beach is perfect for snorkeling as the clear waters are sheltered from the elements, allowing you to explore the marine life hiding in its rocky edges. The bay has only 2 hotels on each side, the Sentido Cala Viñas, which offers either a hotel room (any board) or self-catering apartments, and the Barcelo Cala Viñas. The beach lies right at your feet when staying in either hotel, yet the beach still has its own small café at the back, offering basic yet delicious lunches or snacks.

If you choose to stay at the apartments in the Sentido Cala Viñas then cast your eye across the bay and you'll see a sprawling mansion built into the cliff top which is home to none other than Simon Cowell. He doesn't like Cala Viñas, he loves it.

What is important to know about Cala Viñas is that a car is essential should you wish to explore the rest of the island. The white sands of Magaluf are within walking distance, yet a car would enable exploration slightly further afield.

A view from the beach at Portals Nous.
A view from the beach at Portals Nous.

Puerto Portals

One such location well worth paying a visit is Puerto Portals, or Portals Nous as it is also known. Best known for its marina, Portals boasts a stretch of quality restaurants, bars and cafés both on the marina front and in an adjacent street.

The marina itself is worth exploring even if you have zero intention of buying a boat. Often called 'millionaire's marina', it holds some of the most luxurious yachts imaginable and is well worth having a peek at simply for your own interest.

Even if this doesn't take your fancy, Portals also has a beautiful beach with the same clear waters as Cala Viñas. The beach offers a parasol and 2 sunbeds for approximately €13, or there is plenty of space to lay your own towels and umbrellas if you would prefer. There is a small beach hut offering ice cold refreshments, and the Lila Portals restaurant and bar lies right above the beach meaning you needn't relinquish your spot for the entire day.

The marina at Puerto Portals, also known as 'millionaire's marina'.
The marina at Puerto Portals, also known as 'millionaire's marina'. | Source
The pine trees at the back of Santa Ponça beach.
The pine trees at the back of Santa Ponça beach.
The parakeets on Santa Ponça beach.
The parakeets on Santa Ponça beach. | Source
The Meson Del Mar restaurant.
The Meson Del Mar restaurant.

Santa Ponça

The final hidden gem to be visited is Santa Ponça. This town has slightly more of a tourist feel than the other two spots, yet it is no less and beautiful and still retains an authentic Spanish atmosphere.

The beach here is much bigger than the other two locations meaning that even in the height of summer you should still be able to locate a sun lounger, and have plenty of space to swim freely in the sea. What is unique about this beach is the group of pine trees separating the beach and the street. These trees are particularly beautiful as they are alive with the colours and sounds of the many parakeets who make their home in the branches. Plus, this beach has a small play area with climbing frames and monkey bars, meaning the kids won't get bored whilst you enjoy the view.

The roads surrounding the beach are filled with lovely cafés and bars, as well as endless souvenir shops guaranteed to offer something for you to take home. If you are here in the evening then the Meson Del Mar restaurant is a must visit. Its entrance is slightly hidden as you must walk up the hill adjacent to the beach, where you will find the Meson Del Mar on your right before descending the steps into the restaurant. Not only is the food fantastic but the view is unbeatable as it overlooks the bay and provides a stunning view of the sunset.

A view of the sunset over Santa Ponça bay from the Meson Del Mar.
A view of the sunset over Santa Ponça bay from the Meson Del Mar.

A Final Note

The best part about these three locations is that they are all only a 20-25 minute journey from Palma de Mallorca airport when travelling by car, and they are all only a 10 minute journey from each other.

What's more, the south of Majorca is filled with places like these, all well within reaching distance. Whether you want to visit the Spanish market at Andratx or snorkel in Peguera, this tiny island has an abundance of beauty and activity.

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Portals Nous, Illes Balears, Spain
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    • similarsites profile image

      Joseph 2 years ago

      Nice one, I still haven't visited the Mediterranean properly. Looks amazing.

    • Stacie L profile image

      Stacie L 3 years ago

      This hub about Majorca's Hidden gems is very well written and presented. I am interested in visiting now that I've read this.;-)