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Make Them Jealous - How to put the Wow into your Holiday Photos

Updated on July 1, 2015

There are plenty of photos around of the brightest Northern Lights, the perfect forest scene or incredible sunsets... But we all know that they were taken by professional photographers with expensive camera equipment and who probably have a crazy amount of editing tools at hand and are selling said pictures for good money.

That's not the look we are going for here! This is just for simple editing, no programs necessary. I want to share these little tips so that your holiday snaps look genuine and natural.

Naturally perfect.


If you're using Instagram, you should use the portrait mode rather than the preset square. When you use the square you are unable to undo the crop, but if you use the portrait setting then you can always edit afterwards.

Bring it to the Edge

Bring your phone or camera right to the edge of what you're capturing. If you're at the beach, put your phone on the sand or right at the water's edge. It makes your viewers feel like they're almost there.

Add a Human or Two

They say that adding somebody to a photo can bring it to life - which I think is really nice, and true. If you have a photo of a gorgeous beach or stunning mountains, why not add a model? It's also a good way to show the true scale of a landmark or landscape. By themselves, the mountains are still beautiful, but with a tiny person in the foreground, they look all-powerful.

The Car Roof Method

Rest your camera, or phone, on the roof of your car and shoot. The metallic roof will create a reflection (as a lake would) and will make a wonderful photograph.

Dive in!

Why not buy yourself a waterproof camera or phone case and take some underwater shots to wow everyone? Not everybody has the opportunity to do this so this automatically brings you up a level.

Highlights and Shadowing

You can find this option on most online photo editing sites or programs, but many phones are starting to bring in this feature now too. To make the photo look brighter and more, well, perfect, balance the picture by darkening the highlights and then brightening the shadows.

Don't Overdo It

I would say this is crucial - especially for holiday snaps. You don't want to look as if you just spent 5 hours editing your photos into something non-realistic. Nobody will be jealous if they can tell that the finished product is not how it really was.

After you have edited your pics, save it, and then go back and reduce the amount of editing by 30%-50%.


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