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Make your travel animal-friendly; don't support these animal attractions and entertainment

Updated on November 21, 2014

World Animal Protection launched a new campaign against the use of wildlife in entertainment. It is calling animal-loving tour operators and tourists to help reduce and stop cruel animal attractions. People all over the world have recognized that wild animals are not meant for capture.

However, many tourists are often unaware of the cruelty behind animal entertainment, which have lots of untold stories about the sufferings of animals who are taken away from their families, coerced into captivity and subjected to abuse and violence - for the sake of profit and entertainment. Tourists who are aware of their hidden sufferings would avoid animal attractions and entertainment such as the following, as compiled by Huffington Post:

Charming snakes

Many snakes like cobras are poisonous and deadly with their bites. When captured, their fangs are removed with metal pliers and their venom ducts are blocked or taken with unsanitized equipment which can result to painful infections.

Cute sea turtles

The immune system of a sea turtle can be weakened with stress when captured and it becomes susceptible to disease. Frequent flipper flapping can detach claws that can lead to fractures. Worse is, when a tourist drops a struggling sea turtle, that can cause serious injuries.


Young elephants are taken from their mothers in order to make the elephant-riding attraction for tourists, possible. These elephants who are separated from their families suffer both psychological and physical pain and they are known to develop many post-traumatic stress disorders, just like humans do.

Entertaining monkeys

Captured monkeys when not in training or used for street performances, are kept chained or put in small barren cages. When the monkeys grow, the chains are embedded into their skins, which can lead to disease and infection.

Greyhound racing

Greyhound racing may seem fun to others, but there is an unseen cruelty behind it. If the dogs are not useful anymore, they are heartlessly killed, abandoned or neglected. Sometimes their ears, which have racing tattoos, are cut without anesthesia so their owners cannot be traced.

Horse racing

Horses used in horse races terribly suffer. They may die on the race course, or they are killed, neglected or abandoned when not any more of use. Those who retire, make their way to the slaughterhouse for the horse meat industry.

Lovable dolphins

To have dolphins entertaining tourists, animal traffickers have to chase them with fast-moving boats and haul them on board. Female dolphins which are already of breeding age, are chased to shallow waters and surrounded by nets. Dolphins not needed are thrown back, but some of them die from shock or pneumonia. Those captured have to deal with much stress and a lifetime of captivity and suffering. Meanwhile, those who escaped are traumatized seeing their companions apprehended, and even try to save them.

Marine animals in aquarium

Lots of marine animals or mammals are taken from waters and placed in aquariums to grace theme parks. Though it is legal for Americans to capture animals from the seas, they never do, especially to dolphins, since 1993. In England, people’s boycotts forced marine-mammal exhibits to close while Australia and Israel forbid marine importation for entertainment use. In Virginia, a dolphin tank construction was abandoned after an expensive outcry of the public. However, other countries like the Caribbean still capture whales as the “swimming with them” attraction becomes increasingly famous.

Taking selfies with tigers

Taking selfies with tigers as props usually take captive tigers which are punished during training in order to control them. Many go through stressful procedures like having their canines and claws removed so they are “safe” to unsuspecting tourists.

Walking with lions

Animal attractions which offer the chance to “walk with lions” need a number of cubs in order to be possible. When there are already enough “safe” lions to walk with tourists, their future is jeopardized as it would seem impossible for them to be back to the wild, as they are already too “tame” to survive.

Animals have their own lives and own world. They are not meant for entertainment, forced to be ridden or handled. Tourists should only visit sanctuaries or responsible wildlife attractions, and help stop animal abuse by not going to animal entertainment like those mentioned above.


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    • askformore lm profile image

      askformore lm 

      4 years ago

      I agree with you that animals are quite often being misused for entertaining purposes. I voted your hub up. Great images!


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