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Making A Sustainable Income Source As An Expat In Cebu Philippines

Updated on July 15, 2012

Getting by in Cebu

Most of the expats living in Cebu are retirees and live on their pensions and other benifits from their home country. But what if you are not at the age to retire, but are still looking at the Philippines as a place to settle, then you're going to need some sort of regular income.

One of the main problems in the Philippines is employment, the only way you are going to survive is if you go it alone and be self employed. Even if you did manage to get a job in the Philippines, the amount of hurdles in your way and the salary you are going to be paid just does not make it a viable option.

A great way to earn that sustainable income is online. Why?

1. No major overheads
2. You can work from anywhere all you need is an Internet connection
3. Little or no special knowledge or training needed
4. Small initial financial layout (laptop)
5. Choose your working hours, put in as much or as little as you want

Well how to earn money online? I hear you ask?

One of the great ways to earn money online is by writing your own blog. I have many websites and blogs up and running which earn me a little bit of money here and there through third party advertisements and of course Google adsense.

I use Google Blogger and have managed to change the appearance so it looks like a stand alone website, the great thing is it doesn't cost a penny to set up and is hosted free unlike other blogging sites like WordPress for example.

When writing a blog you need to make sure you a writing articles that are appealing and content rich so you can get an audience that will return to your blog when you update your posts.

Of course its best to write about something you are interested in otherwise you will quickly become bored and see blogging as a chore rather than something you look forward to.

How to get your money!

Once you have earned some money you will be wondering how to get your hands on it?

There are two main options, both of which I use, by Cheque or by PayPal and then deposit the funds into your bank account. Most banks in the Philippines will release your PayPal funds within 2-4 days where as a Cheque can take up to 22 days to clear.

Once you have a regular income and you are depositing funds on a regular basis this does not become such a big issue.

Good Luck!....

Whatever route you choose to make a sustainable income whilst living in the Philippines making money online through a blog should definitely not be overlooked as a viable option to bring in the pennies.

Don't expect the money to start rolling in within 24 hours after getting your blog up and running as it takes time and a lot of your input to help make your blog grow.


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    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 5 years ago from Germany

      Very informative and useful hub. Thanks for sharing.