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Making History on the Gulf Coast!

Updated on March 24, 2016

Twin Victories!

In two stunning performances, one in league with the renowned Team Julius, Matt and Lynette Jordan captured one of the most coveted, competitive, dual titles south of the Canadian border. After a string of nail-biting second places finishes the pair took the title spot on trivia nights at both American Legion Post 1992 AND the Palace Casino in a two week period.

"We couldn't have gotten this far at the casino without the crew on Team Julius," Lyn said after the more recent Wednesday night event. "It was neck and neck. I was a bit worried that the free buffalo wings were a distraction. But at a key moment, Matt was able to blurt out 'Panama Canal' through a mouthful of chicken, handing us the victory. I was so proud. I helped him wipe the sauce from his face and kissed him"

The night was not without sideline drama. While Team Julius celebrated by exchanged high fives and fist bumps, something no middle-aged, white people look good doing, a woman was spotted trying to gain Matt's attention with a bit of sexy side-eye. Losing her typical English composure Lyn threw a chicken wing screaming, "Keep moving slut! That's my man you're looking' at!" With that, the alluring interloper clutched her walker and shuffled slowly out of the cafe area. Lyn returned to her seat and is reported to have muttered, "I'll cut a bitch."

Secretly, team mates worry that Lyn's fiery temper may one day submerge the glory in a sea of tragedy and scandal. But they are not dissuaded in their resolve to keep Team Julius on top.

Meanwhile, Back at the Post

As prologue to the casino victory, Matt and Lyn had matched wits the previous week with the sharpest minds in all of Gautier, Mississippi. At the Legion Post they are known as Team Gooooood Lookin', so named for Lyn (I mean, c'mon, look at Matt - a face for radio and a voice for newsprint). In that clash of wits Gooooood Lookin' made a stunning come-from-behind win when they brilliantly answered that bacteria causes the holes in Swiss cheese.

Matt was asked what comes next for Julius/Gooooood Lookin'. He mentioned that he and Lyn would likely abandon all other writing projects and co-author a book called TIME'S UP!: Answer the Damn Question. "We'll probably do the rounds on the late night talk circuit and perhaps a Superbowl Halftime appearance. But beyond that, we don't want this to change our lives," he said. "We've seen people go from the pinnacle of the trivia pantheon, only to crash and burn." To avoid that pitfall, Matt may want to keep half an eye on Lyn.


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