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Malaysia - An Underdeveloped Country

Updated on May 2, 2015

Have you ever went to Malaysia. If yes, then you would have already know that Malaysia is very underdeveloped. The government said they’ll turn Malaysia in to New York in 2015. Well, all I can see is good all boring Malaysia. But that could be a good thing. Malaysia is still a peaceful place to live. Did you know that a good number of Malaysian don’t know English. A larger number of Malaysian don’t own debit cards. An even larger amount don’t own credit cards.


Do you shop online, of course you do. Most Malaysians won't know what's online shopping. Smart merchants buy from online retail shops and sell the products at a higher price. Most Malaysians who own a debit card wont use it online. Either they don't know how to use the card or are afraid that their account will hacked. Do you know what's Paypal, definitely, but most Malaysians don't. If you try recommending a Malaysian to shop online, they'll say that the internet will hack their account. Do you own a Visa Paywave card or a Mastercard Paypass card. If you do, you might know how to use it. Most Malaysians own that type card but don't even realize it. Even if they do know what card they have and how to use it, currently, only AEON shopping malls have NFC payment terminals.

Credit vs Debit

Most Malaysians own a ATM card. While others own a debit card. Despite that most people in other countries own a credit card, only a very small percentage of Malaysians own a credit card. This is because that most applicants are rejected and others think that they are too much trouble. Most Malaysian won't qualify for a debit card mostly because of their salaries and past transactions. Most Malaysians use a debit card only for ATM percentages.


Most people may know what O level is, but they don't know what IGCSE is. Many people also underestimate the power of foreign education. Many Malaysians think that O levels and IGCSEs are a joke. They think that it's something worthless. I just hate Malaysian pride and when I say pride, I mean not being able to accept something they don't understand. For an example, I recently finished a NCFE accredited diploma course. With that I'm able to enter collage to continue with my bachelor's degree. When people hear it, they're like what nonsense you're talking about. While truth is that they can't even communicate in English properly. I'm not saying this about the newer generation, but the newest generation is beginning to make the same mistake as the older one. About 50% of primary students can't communicate in English, I didn't say about proficiency. I mean what are parents thinking, are they just gonna let their child's education slip off their hands. I hope not.

Almost Harmonious

Although Malaysians might not live up to today's standards, we Malaysians are very harmonious. We don't think of each other as different races, but as a huge nation. Unlike the Malaysian government, we Malaysian citizens cooperate with each other very efficiently, if the co-workers are mature enough to act like adults. For an example, I work in a shop, my customers greet me politely. I also study at a school, my classmates greet me rudely and act displeasing. This is because they do not act like mature adults. The Malaysian government is also a racist community. They government favors Muslims over other religions. They think that they could start a hatred between Muslims and other religions. Not only do Malaysians get along with each other, but they also get along with foreigners.


Most cities have also a less modern lifestyle. In cities like Port Dickson, there are almost no malls and modern technology hasn't been equipped there. Most cities haven't also received optic fiber yet. Though those kind of cities will have tropical resorts like hotels floating on water. Technology as reached to a point where you could buy something using your fancy NFC card. Though this has been implanted in some malls in Kuala Lumpur.


Malaysia's goal was to make the country more New York City like, but I think it will take 5 more years for it to finish it's goal. If anyone was offended by this article, I kindly ask for your forgiveness. This will be the end of my article, thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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