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Malaysia Beaches: Sand and Not Clear Waters

Updated on June 19, 2017
Cover Page
Cover Page


First, a brief history of Malaysia. Malaysia was a country ruled by the British. Then, it gained independence and became the most racist country ever, JK. In Malaysia, there's a small yet popular city know as Port Dickson. As the name implies, Port Dickson used to be a trading port but now it's the face of Malaysian beaches. For this review, we're going to use Port Dickson as a representative for Malaysian beaches and we're going to judge using the following factors.

  1. Landscape
  2. Sea/Ocean
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Convenience

Disclaimer, not all beaches in Malaysia are like what I'm going to say. However, most beaches in Port Dickson are certainly going to be like what I'm about to say.

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Port Dickson beach upfrontPort Dickson beach upfront
Port Dickson beach upfront
Port Dickson beach upfront
Port Dickson beach upfront
Port Dickson beach upfront


Things I consider when I say "landscape" is the sand, greenery, and other terrain related factors. First off is the sand of Malaysia beaches. The sand quality/texture depends on multiple factors. If it rained like yesterday, the sand seems a bit hard like a smooth surface. Walking on barefoot feels comfortable as on sandals. However, when there no rain recently or is the sunny seasons, the sand seems very soft and spongy. Walking on sandals is very uncomfortable since sand gets easily stuck between toes. Walking barefoot, however, depends on personal preferences. Some people like it, while others hate it like me.

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Port Dickson seasPort Dickson seas
Port Dickson seas
Port Dickson seas
Port Dickson seas
Port Dickson seas


The sea is where Malaysia beaches really shine, that was laced with sarcasm. The seas of Malaysia are like the polar opposite of the seas of Hawaii or other tropical locations. Although the sea is very filthy, it's not filthy to the level where you could get contaminated from swimming. Before talking about things to do in our Malaysian, here are a few things to note. First, the sea is a dumping ground for unwanted items like paintings for many Malaysians. Second, some Malaysia beaches have seas that have a very rocky terrain and tiny rocks might get end my stuck inside your feet.

Things suitable to do at Malaysian seas include fishing and light swimming. Surfing is highly unrecommended since the waves aren't that strong most of the time. Swimming in Malaysian waters is also kind of uncomfortable to certain people. Fishing, however, is an enjoyable thing to do in Malaysian seas. Not only are there many types of fish, but surf fishing is also extremely easy in Malaysia beaches.


The cleanliness of Malaysian beaches are just like the cleanliness of Malaysian roads and villages, it's slightly above horrible. Well, slightly horrible is what I would describe the waters and shoreline of Malaysia beaches. The hard sand upfront of the beach is slightly below great, except for times when some people don't clean up after having their beach parties. It's not bad to the level where you might accidentally step on something sharp and get contaminated. However, you might accidentally step on something sharp. Anyways, common trash you may find are bottle fragments, food wrappers, half-eaten foods, plastic cups, and loaded baby diapers, especially in the sea.


The only section where Malaysian beaches, specifically Port Dickson beaches excel is convenience. Suddenly need a tube or other swimming flotation device, the stalls near the beach got you covered. Need souvenirs like mugs, t-shirts, or things with custom engraving, one beach in Port Dickson got you covered. The same beach also provides mini vehicle rides at nighttime. Plus, if you need cash, there's an ATM near one of the beaches in Port Dickson. Seriously, Port Dickson is a very small city. When I mean small. I mean a US neighborhood level small. Only one area that connects to the waters isn't a beach. Any beach you go, there's always a store/ATM/restaurant within a kilometer or mile radius.


As a long time resident of Port Dickson. I would give a rating of 2 out 5 for beaches in Malaysia. That's because I'm bored of the beaches. Most KL people give our beaches a rating of 3.8 out of 5. It's not exactly great but is not close to being bad. Overall, I would say that anyone that are looking to spend some time in the sun or take a dip in the water would enjoy our beaches. Thank you for reading and I hope you'll have a great day.

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