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Malls and why I like them

Updated on March 8, 2014

A mall is an established building that rents spaces to business owners. Malls usually have all sorts of shops that offer many items to suit every need of the customers.

Malls have food courts that satisfies the hunger of one who is tiresome of shopping or looking. The malls in my city have food ranging from East Indian cuisine, Chinese food, Creole food and the normal fast food of burgers, chicken and chips, donuts and pizzas.

Now The reason I like malls is that I could duck certain people on the street. Trust me this is a sure way all the time unless they know you does be by a particular mall.

Secondly Malls are good places to wait on or meet people. The many times that I waited on my dad to come to town, I just head to the malls and watch. Take in my fill and get lost in the world of products.

Malls are a great way to escape the heat of the city. Since walking on side walks wont do for me, i just slip in and out of malls to get air conditioning and voila, I am cooled.

Do you visit the malls when travelling different countries?

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© 2013 Cherese George


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