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Man Creates Lush Island of Bird Song Tiritiri Matangi Island New Zealand

Updated on May 14, 2014

Tiritiri Matangi Island North Island New Zealand

I have been lucky enough to experience a wonderful day enjoying the walking trails of Tiritiri Matangi Island.

The Open Santualry

The island is a perfect example of what man can do to give nature a helping hand and many wonderful people have given their time freely with hard, unselfish and back breaking work, Hundreds perhaps thousands of volunteer hours have been given, creating a lush native canvas over what was once scrub and farmland. The Island is a credit to these people and because of their hard work and dedication the Island is now able to offer a suitable and safe home for many of New Zealand's native birds. that have been released into the new bush.

Many of these birds have come close to extension so you no longer readily see these birds on the mainland as they have been cleaned out by dogs, rats and other domestic animals.

From Farmland and Scrub to Lush Native Bush

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Where Is Tiritiri Matangi Island

Tiritiri Matangi Island is located approx. 30km north east of Auckland New Zealand. You can reach the Island by Ferry or by private boat.

The Ferry departs from central Auckland or the alternative is to travel north by car, 20 mins or so to Whangaparoa Peninsula and catch a much shorter ferry ride across to the Island.

For more information on The Ferry with tmes and prices and more click Here

Titritiri is in the Hauraki Gulf . It is one of many small Islands sheltering the mainland and previously had been farmed of a long time which resulted in much of the land being stripped of native bush.

The Island is now a wildlife sanctuary and with much effort is being re-established as a natural bush and bird life paradise.

My Day on The Island

Pack a picnic this a great day out.

We packed our backpacks and walking shoes and made our way to the Ferry. The sun was out and with cameras at the ready we were excited and looking forward to a fun day out.

The ferry from Whangaparoa did not take long 10mins and we were soon walking down the wharf at Tiritiri

We did not even have to carry our picnic and gear around on the walk as it was all taken up to the light house on a trailer.

We had organised for a guide which we are glad that we had as our kind hearted volunteer knew the names of all the birds and plants and we had a very good nature lesson along the way.. She also knew the best track for the hike to the top of the Island. It was a great bush track with lots of rests along the way as we took photos and quietly scouted for birds flittering between the trees and ferns.

We saw Bellbirds, Tui, Saddlebacks, Kokakos, Takahe,, whiteheads and more. Unfortunately we did not see all the birds that have been released on the Island but will save that for the next trip.

View A List Of Birds You May find On the Island Here

We soon made our way to the Light house just in time for lunch and we had a wonderful picnic before heading down another bush track to the ferry. This time without our guide.

Tiritiri Matangi Lighthouse

On making your way to the high point on the Island you soon come to a shop and visitor centre and the light house.

The light house is the oldest operating lighthouse in New Zealand. Built on the Island by the government and was first lit in 1865.

Read More On The Tiritir i Matangi Lighthouse Here

Best of all a great place for a picnic. Just watch out for the friendly Takahe who may try and pinch your lunch.

A Must Visit

This is a great day out.

If you are visiting Auckland I do recommend a trip to the Island. Kids love walking through the bush and listening while hoping to spot different birds too.

I love visiting all the Islands in the Hauraki Gulf and there is always something new to see on return trips.

Hauraki Gulf Islands North Island New Zealand


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    • cangetthere profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from New Zealand

      Hi Nell Rose,

      Hope you do get to visit NZ one day soon. You would love Tiritiri Matangi. Another one to add to your wish list.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 3 years ago from England

      How beautiful! I would love to see it all for myself, this is my kind of vacation just looking at the wildlife, and exploring such amazing sights, wonderful!