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March In The Texas Hill Country

Updated on August 22, 2013

Beautiful Skies

The Month of March

March of 2011 began with cool weather, but soon turned warm. Temperatures in the afternoons this past week reached ninety degrees. Evenings have been mild and pleasant. March has produced flowering trees, emerging green grass, and trees with that fresh light green color that is so breathtaking. Spring fever has hit many of us this week with the temptation to forgo all duties and head outdoors.

Red Bud trees of every color can be seen around town. Many have passed their flowering stage and turned a beautiful green color, signifying the start of Spring. The Saint Augustine grass is peeking from beneath the ground as the sun continues to shine each day. A small spattering of bluebonnets can be found around town, though their display this year is muted in comparison to recent Spring seasons.


The past two weeks of March have signaled the arrival of Spring. It now appears that the month of March will close on a colder note. Have you heard the old saying that March can come in like a Lamb and go out like a Lion. This March is going out like a lion. Don't get those Spring clothes out too early!

A strong cold front passed through the Central Texas area today leaving cooler temperatures in its wake. The Northern breezes caused many of us to pull out warmer clothing for a day. Cloudy skies contributed to a day where the highs reached only into the sixties. Tonight's temperatures are expected to fall into the high forties. Brrrr! The March chill is back!

More cold fronts will pass through this area this week and will keep our temperatures cooler than our typical seventy five degree days. My flower pot, planted with wild flower seeds, may have to wait to bloom. The possibility of rain chances are increased for both Tuesday and Thursday of this week.

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It's A Good Time to Visit The Area

With the cooler temperatures It is a great time to visit Austin. Schools are still in session and the general tourist population has not yet arrived. The bluebonnets often appear toward the end of the month. The weather should not deter a trip to the Johnson Museum or a swim at Barton Creek. The malls are open and there are plenty of restaurants to visit! The annual rodeo ends this weekend. Zilker Gardens held its Spring flower show this past weekend.

Compared to the Northern areas of the country, we are enjoying excellent weather. March weather in other areas of the country is still bitter cold. If you are headed this way, plan to stay awhile. Visit the area before the weather gets too warm and enjoy your vacation in the Texas Hill Country.


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  • pmccray profile image

    pmccray 6 years ago from Utah

    Here in Utah we blossomed snow instead of flowers for spring. It's been snowing (light) daily like a monsoon around noon. This has been the norm for at least 3 years. Voted up, marked useful

  • fastfreta profile image

    Alfreta Sailor 6 years ago from Southern California

    Sounds good, however the weather conditions were not the same for Southern California, during that time period. Today, 3/28/11 promises to be the beginning of a warm spell, reaching the upper 80's by week's end, here's hoping it's true. I still voted yours up, LOL!

  • maria.rose profile image

    maria.rose 6 years ago from Florida

    Excellent, clear. And accurate information. You release the information at a very good rhythm and speed and are perfectly understandable .thanks a lot for sharing this.