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March Has Arrived With Cold Weather

Updated on January 6, 2013

Change in Weather

The Texas Hill Country has enjoyed a week of mild temperatures. Highs have been in the upper seventies with mild evening temperatures in the fifties. The thought of Spring has been on the minds of local citizens as we eagerly watch the trees for signs of blooming.

As the morning has dawned, it's become evident that our local weather has changed from Spring-like to Winter. Temperatures are in the forties with rain showers over the area and gusty winds from the North. Hail has been reported just North of Austin, in Georgetown. As the rains pass through the area and continue to the South of us, cool temperatures are forecast for the rest of the day.

What will March bring?

Though some of the Redbud trees have begun to show their color, most of the area still holds a wintery appearance. With the trees beginning to show signs of blooms in the near future, Spring is sitting in the background waiting for its entrance. Another cold front is forecast later in the week with a continued chance of rain.

It seems that the month of March wants to make a statement. I heard a weatherman recently describe the month of March as one of the most dangerous weather months. The chances of bad weather, tornadoes and hail are very high during this particular time of the year.

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Drought Conditions

The area is in need of rain. Our drought conditions have lowered the lakes and placed the area under fire hazard warnings. High winds have ignited several area fires in the past week. Todays rain is a welcome relief to this parched area.

Summer will be here before we know it. Texas summers can be extremely hot, therefore I will enjoy our current weather. When will Spring arrive? Soon enough.


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  • RealHousewife profile image

    Kelly Umphenour 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

    I wish I could send you our rain! We are having flash flood warnings here due to so much rain this last week! I thought it was hot and humid here - until I spent a summer in TX - you have got more!