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Mark Your Calendar Each Year For These Annual Events In Chicago.

Updated on December 3, 2014
April Is The Month When The Events And Festivals Start To Kick-Off
April Is The Month When The Events And Festivals Start To Kick-Off | Source

Now The Forbidden April Showers Begins.

April is the month when the city starts to bring out their events. Once the rain cleanses the streets and parks with its on-going showers giving the grass and trees their vibrant color back, that's when the events become alive.

  • Chicago Dance Month finds local dance instructors to help its locals and visitors. The incredible dance instructors to perform in front of their attend audience as they show them the proper movements to do the foxtrot, salsa, zumba, and other fashionable moves. Most of the dances are featured at the parks or streets at various locations.
  • Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo showcases all their comic book heroes at McCormick Place South.
  • The Theatre District announces their opening acts at various locations.

A Motherly Kisses or Touches The Month Of May.

May is the month where incredible gardens flourish through-out the city picking beautiful events to attend with its motherly touch. Which helps makes the section a little bit broader after each passing month. Below are some of the events available:

  • CIMM Fest is held at multiple venues.
  • Cinco De Mayo the Mexican culture rings out in (Little Village street) 26th St., & Kostner.
  • Polish Constitution Day Parade as the Polish community shows its pride at this awesome event which is held at Congress Dr. and ends at Columbus Dr.
  • Mb Financial Bank Bike starts its race at Lake Shore Dr. between Bryn Mawr Ave. & 57th St.,
  • Mayfest brings the German favor to the streets of Lincoln Ave. & Leland Ave.
  • Do-Division Street Fest & Side-walk Sale combines retailers and small shops to displayed their products on this street fair which provides live music and food for the whole family. If you want to come down and see what they have you must pass by these streets to see what their selling its on Hoyne Ave., between Division St., & Crystal St.,

My Son Standing On The Side Of The Jay Pritzker  Pavilion
My Son Standing On The Side Of The Jay Pritzker Pavilion | Source
This painting was bought near the Gold Coast Art Fair
This painting was bought near the Gold Coast Art Fair | Source

The Fatherly Embraces Of June.

June is when Summer officially begins making the weather pleasantly nice for the people to take full-advantage of the warm sun that embraces the city like a fatherly hug. Most locals and visitors make their way to more festivals, events, and block parties. Here are some:

  • Andersonville Midsommarfest is held on Clark St., between Foster Ave. & Catalpa Ave.
  • Belmont & Sheffield Music Festival places itself between these two known streets, Belmont Ave. & Sheffield Ave.
  • Grant Park Music Festival makes its way to Jay Pritzker Pavilion annually.
  • Puerto Rican Parade & Festival provides a rich culture with music, food, and carnival rides for the whole family. Humboldt Park is the birthplace for this event which is well presented at Division St., & Western Ave. through California Ave.,
  • Greek Fest has its local restaurants build small tents and charge a small fee to come and enjoy their fabulous food and drinks which is located on Halsted St., & Ashland Ave.,
  • Chicago Blues Festival comes together at this location every year inside of Grant Park.
  • Wells Street Art Festival makes its mark on these profound streets of Wells St., between Division St., & North Ave.,
  • Gold Coast Art Fair is a famous place to venture out and explore what these artist bring to the table, making its home to Grant Park.
  • Chicago Pride Fest & Parade is held on Halsted St., between Belmont Ave., & Addison St.,
  • Old St. Pat's World Largest Block Party is located at the Old St. Pat's Church.
  • Chicago Gospel Music Festival invites well-known artist to sing beautiful hymns to the Chicago Cultural Center & Ellis Park.
  • ITU Triathlon begins their series of new and old elite athletes to Grant Park.
  • The Spirit Of Music Garden In Grant Park is a free event which starts in June and finishes in mid-September. Most of their features dances are the waltz, cha-cha, swing, and much more dancing are performed daily at South Michigan Ave., between Harrison St., & Balbo Dr.

A Picture Near Grant Park
A Picture Near Grant Park | Source

The Independence Of July.

July fireworks light up the skyline celebrating freedom and independence to move and dance into a whole new month were there is more music, food, and fun.

  • The Fireworks are displayed and fun to watched from the Navy Pier docks or The Buckingham Fountain.
  • Windy City Ribfest provides its smoking hot food to the streets of Lawrence Ave., & Broadway St.,
  • Taste of Chicago can give you a mouth watering eating experience that the local restaurants and food trucks offer. Millions of people stop here every year to enjoy the spectacular food and music. Admission is Free all you have to do is buy some tickets to eat and drink. Grant Park is the destination you might be looking for.
  • Green City Market Chef's BBQ benefit partners gather up with celebrity chef's to create remarkable dishes at Lincoln Park.
  • Pitchfork Music Festival holds an array of bands and artists to showcase their talents at Union Park.
  • Chinatown Summer Fair explores the Asian cultural with its best food and craft exhibits at Wentworth Ave., between Cermak Rd., &24th Place.
  • Chinatown Dragon Boat Races invites teams to race on the riverbanks of Ping Tom Memorial Park.
  • Wicker Park Fest musicians come to rock out to the latest hits when they play at Milwaukee Ave., between North Ave., & Paulina St.,
  • Square Roots finds local artist to perform. Local caters and restaurants provide great food and unique breweries at Lincoln Square.

Grant Park & Millennium Park

A markerGrant Park In Chicago, Illinois -
Grant Park, Chicago, IL, USA
get directions

Grant Park & Millennium Park is where most of the actions is displayed.

The Best Ways To Get To These Events.

Walking To Find
Phone Apps
CTA- Bus
The cost to use any of these transportations should be cheap
 A Nice Picture Of The City
A Nice Picture Of The City | Source

Do You Think You Will Enjoy Going To Any Of These Festivals Or Block Parties?

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The Sizzling Sun Of August.

August is usually the hottest month of the year but the festivals and events continues to breathe new life into the city.

  • Lollapalooza Music Festival is home to more than 300,000 artists and fans making it the most entertaining events so far, Grant Park is always filled with excitement.
  • Black Harvest Fim Festival tells amazing stories to its audience as it play in the one and only Gene Siskel Film Center.
  • Chicago Air & Water Show home place is North Avenue Beachfront where the jets fly around and perform their remarkable stunts. When the jets are done performing the speed boats and water skiers twist, turn and spin out of control to make a beautiful show.
  • Chicago Jazz Festival is usually a four day event held outside of Millennium Park.
  • Taylor Street Festa Italiana celebrate their rich heritage on Taylor St.,
  • Bandera To Bandera Fest is a trophy event in the Humboldt Park community as the collective committee that run the small festival gives its patrons a three days to enjoy the small fest. They invite Spanish musicians to come and sing and play their instruments on the streets of Division St., & Western Ave., Making the rhythmic sounds come alive and the food is fantastic by the way.

Millennium Park
Millennium Park | Source

A Helpful Hint:

Make sure you bring these items with you. If you come to any festivals or events, which are held at the parks.

  • Extra-blankets
  • Lawn chairs
  • Small flashlight
  • Cooler
  • Small umbrella or poncho

As The Leaves Begin To Fall From The Trees. Then We Know September Has Arrived.

September is the ending of an amazing year when the city begins to wrap up their events as best as they know how. Their farewell performances include these annual gigs.

  • World Music Festival Chicago thousands of concertgoers come to this event which is held at Millennium Park.
  • Expo Chicago gathers once again at The Navy Pier.
  • Riot Fest invites music fans by the dozens or even by the hundreds to Humboldt Park.
  • Hyde Park Jazz Festival two day event is held at various locations.
  • Chicago Gourmet set up shop for more then 150 restaurants and breweries at the famous Millennium Park.
  • Oktober Fest captures the German culture very well as they are spread out in various locations.

The first or second week of October is the last event to take place on the streets of Chicago. The Bank Of America Chicago Marathon is a staple for the city it holds more then 70,000 plus athletes and spectators. Chicago's Marathon has built a wonderful fan base of more then 50 states and 100 countries come to reach their goals on finishing this 27th miles race. Somehow each year the race gets bigger and stronger making it the race to conquer. This marathon is featured on television for those who can't attend. The city closes down all the major streets in downtown for this event making easy for the runners to start and finish the race. The magic begins at Grant Park & Millennium Park.

Free Admission

Chicago Dance Month
Chicago Blues Festival
The Fireworks
Cinco De Mayo
Gold Coast Art Fair
The Taste Of Chicago
Polish Const. Day Parade
Chicago Pride Fest & Parade
Chicago Air & Water Show
Grant Park Music Festival
Chicago Gospel Music Festival
Chicago Jazz Festival
Puerto Rican Parade & Festival
The Spirit Of Music Garden
Bandera To Bandera Fest
Chinatown Summer Fair
Hyde Park Jazz Festival
World Music Festival Chicago
The Bank Of America Chicago Marathon Is Free To Watch

Make Sure You Mark Your Calendar!

Don't miss out on the incredible food, music, art, and most of all the people you come in contact with.

Any Comments Are Welcome!

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