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Mark a Trip to Florence in your Calendar

Updated on June 9, 2015

With Tuscany in the background and Rome a short distance away, a trip to Florence is an essential for any seasoned traveller looking to take in the artistic and historical sights of an Italian paradise, well-known for both its culture and its breathtaking scenic surroundings. Watch the Arno river flow by, during a crisp afternoon with a pink sky as the backdrop in a romantic setting, whilst standing with a loved one on the famous 'Ponte Vecchio' bridge, the oldest bridge in the city.

Ponte Vecchio


In terms of taking in some of the more artistic sights, the statue of David, which stands four metres tall, at the Uffizi Gallery Museum or 'Office', is a must for any art lovers or collectors. You can see a photo of this Michelangelo piece below. The area is extremely busy and hustly bustly but that simply adds to the attraction of this artistic city. You can really picture yourself taking an art class in Florence and meeting lots of interesting and exciting creatives. If you have time on your trip to go to Rome, located roughly three hours away, a visit to the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City would complement the statue of David and the other works by Michelangelo that you would find at the Uffizi Gallery Museum.

Another famous sight in Florence is of course 'The Duomo', a Cathedral named after its large and outstanding dome. 'The Duomo' is also known as the 'Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore' (Holy Mary of the Flower), dedicated to Santa Maria. It was designed by Arnolfo di Cambio. The Dome, which you can see below, is an imposing feature overlooking the city and really displays the grandeur of such an attraction so well to tourists and city-dwellers alike. You might want to do a sightseeing tour by bus which is a good way to take in the city's architecture, museums, and palaces for a small price.



In terms of eating out, Italian food is always going to impress, especially when cooked in one of Italy's best culinary cities. The food is sensational, with the obvious pizza and pasta available at any of the restaurants in Florence and 'al fresco' dining is a must. Don't expect quick service however. This is a laid-back and relaxed city but that's a good thing. You can simply relax alongside them! You can find mouthwatering gelato shops near most of the tourist attractions and I would recommend trying gelato as it is so very different from regular shop bought ice-cream from the UK or the USA. Pistachio is my favourite, but there are many varieties, as you can find more mellow subtle pistachio flavours not so green and much more nutty in flavour, or you might find a stronger pistachio flavour with a much sweeter flavour but the texture is always the same in that it is creamy and velvety – much more creamy than regular ice-cream. In fact, I think I might try to learn how to make gelato – now how impressive would that be? :)

Statue of David


All in all, Florence is a fantastic lively historical city with enough of the old and the new to make it exciting and interesting for both young and old alike. When I go back I intend to rent a villa in Tuscany and explore the surrounding areas of Florence by bike and wile away my days taking in the countryside and all its natural delights. I might stop off at a gelateria you know, just to reminisce like! :) Pistachio gelato - I'm coming for you! :)

Outside Uffizi Gallery Museum



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