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Book Luxury Holidays in Mauritius

Updated on September 3, 2009

The Hilton Hotel in Mauritius

Mauritius is a small Island off the Eastern Coast of South Africa. They Island is mainly an exporter of sugar, but home to many exotic locations and 5 star hotels as a primarily beach resort type holiday accommodation. We took in as many locations as we could for our week long break, but ended up being so content to stay in the hotel that we spent almost every day snorkelling in the crystal clear blue water, lounging on the pristine beaches and gourging ourselves on the best food in the world (my opinion).Evenings were spent palying night tennis and dancing the night away.

The rooms all face the ocean and you can hit them with a shell form the beach if you tried, thats how close you are.

Some Pictures of our mauritius holiday

tranquility is an understatement
tranquility is an understatement

Costs Hilton Hotel

We flew by plane to the Mauritius Airport by SAA and were pleasntly surprised by the efficiency of such a small airport. It would be wise to ask your travel agent to have a shuttle on standby for you to take you where ever you need to go. It only cost us about R 900 or $ 90 to have one on standby for our entire trip.It was well worth it qwhen we arrived at the airport as it was a bit of a bun fight for a taxi.

Out of this world snorkelling

a pinacle in the middle of nowhere where they take you to snorkel
a pinacle in the middle of nowhere where they take you to snorkel

Things to do in Mauritius

So youre at your bungalow or hotel.What next?

Our first day on the island was the day we familiarised ourselves with the facilities and learnt that the best person to speak to about what to do was definitely the barman.

Low and behold, the next day as advised we were up early and off down the road for our first sailing experience.The catamaran we chose was not entirely what one would expect as it had had its sleeping quarters removed and replaced with a fibreglass deck that consisted of 8 six seater tables with moulded benches and carried 40 people out to sea for a day of diving the pristine reefs,chasing dolphins at armslength and on the way back after taking the most awesome photos of all our divespots and dolphins of course, we had the most delicious fish braai ever straight off the back of the boat.Go to love the way the islanders put together a party.Couple of Brits,Americans, Germans, Portugese and us South Africans.You can imagine the party.No one driving.

That was only day one. We arrived back at the hotel with still a few hours of afternoon and took in the sunset after thanking the barman for his tales and advice. Next day we paid a taxi driver a few bucks to cram the touristy thing into one day,and boy did he ever.What makes life easy is that it was cheaper than a tour guide, met his family,cool people,saw the salt flats,curios, view points and got to go through the local markets without the usual hustle and bustle of being bombarded with deals for the tourist.

Next day was water sports day.What a hoot.You have to try wakeboarding or get a mini hovercraft. The next day we were still quite exhausted and decided to do the health spa thing for a few hours and relaxed to a point of nearly no return. We noticed the tennis courts were empty and palyed well into the night before realising our stomachs were empty after all the herbal tea and were pleased with the world quisine theme evening.Ate ourselves into a coma.

Still not to phased by the endless sunshine and apparently no appearance of it letting up anytime soon, we decided to take a peddle craft out and hovered over the reefs with goggles on for hours on end just watching the reef fish a few feet below us.Was great to be able to ly on the peddle boat pontoon and still talk to each other with our heads stuck in the water.

Deep water fishing was on offer from every second person and I am convinced that the boats outnumber people 2 to 1 on the island.But alas no fishing deepsea on this trip as tempting as it was I decided for next time with some mates.So we decided to ask the barman to hook us up with a few local fishing rods which were primitive in their construction, but so much fun.A bamboo shute with some line attached and a cup of calamari form the hotel kitchen and we were off.Never had so many different species in all my days of fishing.All released to fight another day.

So, we were down to the last day and decided to take a walk into the nearest village and check it out.Mus have passed 20 hotels on our walk down the beach before deciding to climb onto the road and check out some stores.Needless to say we ended up loading our suitcases for our return home with clothing, curios and jewelry. So we caught a bus back that actually cost us only in in coins. The flight out was the saddest day I can remember in a long time as we realised that we would be back in our cement jungle in 24 hours with vivid memories of our trip and still the faintest smiles on our faces knowing of this paradise island called Mauritius


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