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Mayfair Hotels in an Expansive Review

Updated on February 27, 2013


Mayfair Hotels/Hotels

A trip to London was in the planning which only drew our interest to Mayfair hotels, since we were discussing our plans while playing monopoly on an English monopoly board and seen the highest value tile on the board was the Mayfair hotel.

From the research we found online Hotels in Mayfair were not so much in a tourist area, but just off Hyde Park corner which is known for busy traffic and private houses in a very wealthy area. The Mayfair hotels caught our interest, and we had to make plans soon.

With so many brochures on Mayfair hotels and online research we decided to book a night at one of the (hotels in Mayfair) since it was near the US embassy where we needed to stop and check our Visas.

Many of the hotels in Mayfair were handy to get to Knightsbridge and Oxford Street which is an area near Hyde Park which we wanted to see. After speaking to an English friend we found out the hotels in Mayfair area had a congestion charge for traffic, and Mayfair hotels were easily accessed to public transportation.

Here is a list of (hotels in Mayfair) and listed them by five star ratings the first being the highest rating.

The Mayfair

Sofitel London

The Cumberland - a Guoman Hotel


Thistle Marble Arch

Langham London

Going through the lists and ratings we chose the Langham London- Mayfair Hotel due to the architectural design, and its rich history, plus BBC was right across the street and we wanted to visit there too.

The Sofitel London from the pictures of the rooms and dining room peaked our interest so our second night we booked there. Their dining room was bodacious and appealed to our desire to experience the best of the Mayfair Hotels we browsed through many on the list and chose those two.

The history of Mayfair Hotel, goes back as far the 1800’s where a new beginning from rooms in private homes for travelers revolved to hotels in Mayfair. Many other hotels including the United States rapidly bore the name of a Mayfair hotel due to the prestige linked to them.

Surveys show there are at least in the (Mayfair hotel) area in greater London, 101,000 numbers of rooms available in the entire (Mayfair hotel) district. With Mayfair being in the heart of London that gives everyone a choice of the most exquisite hotels rich in history, and near most mass transportation for any activity. In fact the 2012 Olympics being planned will bring many people around the world to the hotels in Mayfair.

There are an array of hotels near the Natural History Museum which draws many tourists to the area of (hotels in Mayfair.) There is a fair amount of competition between these hotels in the Mayfair hotel district, even to today standards.

From the 20th century on there has been an AA inspection of rooms. Service and structures in most every hotel in the (Mayfair hotel) district rates highly on their scale. This year when the AA did their inspections 300 received the prestigious hotel awards in all the hotels in (Mayfair.)

Mayfair Hotels/Hotels in Mayfair

Bob Dylan’s manager booked him in a (Mayfair hotel) near Berkley Square in November of 1962; it was his first time out of the United States. He met many influential people in the Mayfair hotel district, including Andrew Loog Oldham who was the Rollingstones manager.

His music wasn’t so well received in the (Mayfair hotel) lobby where he strummed his guitar writing songs and was asked to stop. At that point in his career the manager of the (Mayfair hotel) didn’t know who he was asking to leave.

There were many hotels in Mayfair and he moved from that hotel to the Cumberland hotel, and according to those who remember Dylan’s smoking habit, it wasn’t appreciated. One of the most renowned songs he sang from the top of the stairs was, ‘Blowing in the Wind’. Two young girls stood at the bottom of the Mayfair Hotel Cumberland listening to his new song, and to today remember his now golden hit song being played in the Mayfair hotel district.

Copyright/All Rights Reserved B. A. Wiliams

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