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McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) Car Rental and Transportation

Updated on October 22, 2017

For your convenience, an extensive menu of Car Rental, Shuttle, Taxi, and Limousine Companies located at or within close proximity to McGhee Tyson Airport is available on this one page for swift research, review, and immediate consideration. if you need a ride to and from the airport, or vigorously shopping for longer term rental transportation to be used for the duration of your stay, an all inclusive, extensive list of options can be found right here at your finger tips.

When planning a vacation, casual visit, or business trip, it is essential to become acquainted with the immediate and surrounding areas to determine which travel routes are the most cost effective and time saving especially if you'll be commuting via ground transportation such as a rented vehicle. The included interactive map at page bottom will assist you in charting the most efficient directions to all the local or long distance destinations on your itinerary. if you have a popular tourist attraction or famous restaurant on your list of places to see in Tennessee or elsewhere, just type in the establishment name and with one simple "click", all pertinent data should appear.

This information page was designed and developed to provide visitors streamlined transportation specific information that can be obtained within seconds for swift research and decision making. An efficient one stop virtual ground transportation shopping site that combines all distinct yet relevant services on a single page so there's no need to visit one site to research shuttle buses, another for car rental etc. It can all be achieved right here.

  • For your convenience, transportation providers within respective menu capsules for McGhee Tyson Airport are listed alphabetically with corresponding telephone numbers for quick and easy identification and service comparison -

Map / Directions

A markerMcGhee Tyson Airport -
McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS), Louisville, TN 37777, USA
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Airport Overview

McGhee Tyson Airport, a joint civil - military facility located approximately 10 miles south of Knoxville Tennessee in the city of Alcoa is a major commercial air travel provider for the eastern region of the state. Several large airlines route both domestic and international flights through the airport which is named after Navy Pilot Charles McGhee Tyson who was lost in World War 2. The facility is also home to the McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base. TYS is a moderately sized airport serving approximately 1 million passengers annually. The interior is known for it's hometown décor and art work which lend to a distinct charming atmosphere.

Commercial Passenger Carriers Via TYS

  • AirTran Airways - Allegiant Air - ExpressJet Airlines - Delta Airlines - Atlantic Southeast Airlines - Chautauqua Airlines - Comair - Mesaba Airlines - Pinnacle Airlines - SkyWest Airlines - PSA Airlines - Vision Airlines -

Car Rental:

(800) 327- 9633
( 865) 342-3210
(800) 331-1212
(865) 342-3220
(800) 527-0700
(865) 342-3225
(800) rent-a-car
(865) 342-1650
(800) 654-3131
(865) 342-3232
(800) 227-7368
(865) 342-3240
(800) 367-2277
(865) 342-3250

Limousine Service:

<> PHONE <>
Affairs of Style
(865) 454-4059 
Chariots of Hire 
(865) 522-8108
Executive Sedan & Limo 
(865) 671-2509
Mays Bus Line
(865) 947-6977
Premier Transportation
(865) 694-0304
Rocky Top
(877) 315-6397
Twin Lakes Limo
(865) 988-9420
Great Impressions Limousine
(865) 670-9777

Taxi Service:

<> PHONE <>
A Relaxi Taxi 
(865) 697-4016
(865) 414-4371
A-Plus Taxi
(865) 970-0016
Benchmark Taxi
(865) 310-7047
Connections Taxi
(865) 908-3384
Discount Taxi
(865) 755-5143
Freedom Taxi
(865) 323-2594
Gold Cab
(865) 919-0001
International Taxi
(865) 607-8732
Odyssey Airport Taxi
(865) 577-6767
Overland Taxi
(865) 970-4545
Selig Transportation
(865) 523-6284
Tennessee Taxi Service
(865) 984-8555
A&B Ground Transportation
(865) 389-0312

McGhee Tyson Airport Shuttle

  • McGhee Tyson Airport offers basic shuttle service airport transportation which consist of large passenger vans to share a ride with fellow travelers in the area. A private sedan or limousine service option is also available. The vehicles come in various models and a select few are the size of a small bus which can easily accommodate larger parties. the typical sedan is a Lincoln Towncar style. Rates are higher but worth the expense for a special occasion

<> TYS Phone <>
<> TYS Address <>
McGhee Tyson Airport 
2055 Alcoa Highway - Alcoa, TN 37701
Phone: (865) 342- 3000
Fax: (865) 342-3050 
24 Hour Emergency / Lost & Found
(865) 342-3088 


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