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Medieval-looking Castles in America

Updated on April 6, 2015

There are a handful of truly beautiful castles in America. Well, as a European I don't consider them truly castles but more so mansions, except for one truly Medieval-looking castle.

Of course those castles weren’t built during the middle ages and don't have the incredible history to tell. They were never the place were King Richard set foot on, were other Noblemen or Noblewomen were captured and imprisoned, a building of tall walls that couldn't keep the Plaque away, a monument that truly has many stories to tell.

Nevertheless, the castles we can find in America do depict a certain architecture which shows similarities to medieval castles in Europe. As a matter of fact, there is one castle in beautiful Nappa Valley, California though that I consider a totally historical rebuilt of a truly Medieval Castle. It looks absolutely fantastic. Of course, the castles in Europe did write history which makes them truly special. But since America has thousands of medieval times enthusiasts, I am positive that there are some poeple excited about the idea of having at least one authentic-looking medieval castle in their country, not to mention the great-tasting wine of the region.

Bold Castle

Bold Castle reminds a little bit about a cute little Rapunzel Castle. Rapunzel let her long hair drop down out of one of the windows from the towers. Bold Castle is a beautiful castle sitting on top of Heart Island at Alexandria Bay, NY. You can tell that it wasn't built during the days of Columbus discovering America. It does depict some modern architecture with a hint of medieval flair. It looks like a modern fairytale castle or like a fancy villa that is meant to look medieval. The castle has now become a favorite site for weddings as well.

The construction of Bold Castle began around 1900. George C. Boldt ordered the construction of a full size rhineland castle as a token for his love to his lovely wife Louise. Unfortunately, Louise died before the castle was finished. Struck by her sudden death George discontinued the construction, and the unfinished monument was left alone for many years until it was decided to restore and improve the structure in 1977.

Fonthill Castle

Now Fonthill Castle looks more like a beautiful old mansion than a castle. Fonthill Castle is located in Doylestown, PA. It was originally built by Henry Chapman Mercer in 1908, finished in 1916. It was used as his private residence. Unlike other castle owners, Henry Chapman Mercer did not only order the construction of this unique architecture but participated in manually building his residence along with a few laborers. Today Fonthill Castle is a museum visited by people from all over the world. The castle doesn't necessarily resemble a typical medieval castle of the past but does have something very historic about it.

Castello di Amorosa

This is absolutely my favorite choice of castels in America probably because I am used to seeing castles like this one all over Europe. Of course it wasn't built during the Medieval Times. It is one of the latest constructions of castles supposed to resemble medieval castle architecture in Italy. The owner had travelled all over the world to help him visualize his dream. This beautifully and very authentic-looking and historically reconstructed medieval castle is located in the beautiful Napa Valley, CA. If I was getting married in the United States and I had to find a castle, I would travel miles and miles to celebrate my medieval wedding in this beautiful castle.

As the name implies it is meant to have a medieval Italian flair, and it shows. If you have ever been to some castles in Italy you will notice the resemblence. Even if you have a chance to visit and take a look at the inside you will notice the immaculate authenticity of the rooms, especially the big dining room.

If you are a medieval history fanatic and live in Northamerica, then you should visit Castello di Amorosa.

Castello di Amorosa also makes a wonderful place to celebrate your wedding, whether medieval wedding or a modern-day wedding.

Ozark Castle, Arkansas

Medieval Times enthusiasts were also awaiting a new medieval castle being built in Arkansas. Folks intended to build the castle as people did back in the medieval times. The project was started but unfortunately was stopped again after running out of financial means. Maybe someday, the plans to rebuild a medieval castle at this site can continue.


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    • mecheshier profile image

      mecheshier 3 years ago

      Wow! I love castles. And to think that there are a few in the US. My favorite that you mentioned is also Castello di Amorosa castle. Thanks for sharing. Voted up!