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Memorable Beijing

Updated on March 6, 2012

Beijing China

by http2007
by http2007

Here Are Some Of The Ways You Can Make Your Visit To Beijing More Memorable

Beijing is the capital of The People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Number One stop for any business or vacation traveler planning a visit to this vast country. Think of this huge city as “The People’s Number One Destination for Fun.” That’s because you’ll find lots of things to do that are entertaining … interesting … and immensely enjoyable.

However, keep this thought in mind before you go. When you arrive in Beijing, you will find a city that is filled with the “hustle and bustle” you might expect to encounter in any big western metropolis (such as New York City, London or Paris), but you will also see things that may seem alien to you.

Beijing is emerging from a long slumber as a somewhat backward and closed society, a place that resisted change and modernization. And while the country is still under authoritarian rule, it has relaxed its control on the way people live and work. In fact, this city has adopted many aspects of western culture and lifestyle while still remaining faithful to its ancient Chinese roots.

While it’s now possible to see fancy American, Japanese and German-manufactured cars stuck in choking traffic, the visitor to Beijing will also see countless thousands of ordinary Chinese citizens riding bikes everywhere. New apartment buildings and posh hotels are now an integral part of the landscape, as well, but for many Chinese who still live in ramshackle homes (often without indoor plumbing) those fancy, modern structures may as well be pictures on a postcard.

The fact is this: Beijing is changing, but that change is ongoing. Business and vacation travelers will see a city in transition when they arrive … a mix of the old and the new.  Here are some of the best tourist attractions to visit during your stay in Beijing …

Summer Palace In Beijing China

by betta design
by betta design

Panda Eating Bamboo In Beijing Zoo

The World-Famous Beijing Zoo

Bamboo-munching Giant Panda Bears are the main attraction at this charming, yet somewhat antiquated zoo. China is home to this magnificent animal and the specimens residing at the zoo are the finest examples of this gentle species. Of course, the zoo is home to many, many other animals, some of which are rare and may be representatives of species with which you are unfamiliar. But, it is the Panda Bears that are the stars. In fact, they receive the very best housing (cages) and are treated much better than every other species at the zoo.

Wangfujing Snack Street In Beijing China

by comcinco
by comcinco

Wangfujing Street

Located in the center of Beijing, this “shopper’s paradise” is stroller-friendly (it takes just 30 minutes to walk from one end of the street to the other) and jammed with stores and shops selling all kinds of consumer goods. There are two western-style shopping malls … several department stores … enticing souvenir shops … and countless food stalls offering a quick bite for just a few yen. There is even a very large book store and a huge outdoor TV screen that stays “on-the-air” all day long. Wangfujing Street is easily accessible by foot or public transportation from all parts of Beijing. At night, neon store signs light up the area and give it a distinct “western feel.”

Beijing CCTV Tower

The CCTV Tower

As is true for many big cities, Beijing has an Observation Tower where one can go to look down at the mass of humanity – and the vehicular and bicycle traffic – in a comfortable and serene setting. That is what awaits the tourist who takes the elevator to the top of the CCTV Tower Building, home of many of Beijing’s radio and TV stations. While the tower doesn’t provide views of the entire city, it is nevertheless imposing. And when you’ve finished “looking,” you can enjoy a meal at the adjoining “revolving restaurant.”

Tiananman Square

by topgold
by topgold

Tiananmen Square

This vast open-air gathering place is world-famous, the site of Chinese resistance to authoritarian rule that was broadcast to every corner of the globe. Today, it is a place where people come to meet one another … to relax and engage in friendly banter … and to enjoy a respite from the noise and traffic that chokes many of Beijing’s streets. It is also where kite flyers enjoy their engaging hobby.

The Summer Palace In Beijing China

The Summer Palace

The former home of Chinese emperors is now a Public Park resting next to a beautiful and serene lake and home to remarkable Chinese architecture. Families enjoy this wonderful in-city setting and tourists do, as well. Plus … it is easily accessible from all parts of Beijing. Add this pleasant stopover to your itinerary.

Beijing China's Temple of Heaven

by Christopher Chan
by Christopher Chan

Temple of Heaven

This is a large park and temple complex that is filled with more than one-thousand species of trees. The centerpiece of this attraction is a large tower that has been built entirely of wood and without nails. The individual pieces of wood were perfectly engineered to fit snugly into one another, eliminating any need for nails.

That’s it … the best places to stop and visit during your stay in Beijing. There are other great destinations, as well, including the city’s entertainment district, an after-dark neighborhood filled with bars, clubs and live entertainment. There are also disco clubs … live theater presenting traditional Chinese entertainment and karaoke bars.

Beijing also has many restaurants offering a variety of cuisines at price ranges designed to fit every budget. If you’re going to Beijing this year, enjoy your stay. It promises to be memorable.


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    • XimphOnni profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Originally from the garden

      I guess we didn't put it in here since I had a hub on China attractions at and put the great wall there. This one was specifically a Beijing hub so you might want to check out the china hub!

      Thanks for the comment!

    • beijingtourguide profile image


      8 years ago from Beijing, China

      Great overview. I might also mention the Great Wall...although it isn't actually in the city proper, it's a major major attraction. :)


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