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Updated on September 20, 2018
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Her courage is her dominant character trait. She loves taking video tutorials in youtube and writing articles in her travel blog site.

Manila Cathedral

I took picture of the Manila Cathedral when we passed by to check the inside of it.
I took picture of the Manila Cathedral when we passed by to check the inside of it. | Source

A Church Visit

This is me having time to visit the church
This is me having time to visit the church | Source

Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

The cathedral is informally known as Manila Cathedral since it is a Roman Catholic church located in Manila exactly at Intramuros, Philippines. The Philippines is very historical in nature so as the church in Intramuros. According to the people, the church was built long time ago in the year 1581. It was made of nipa and bamboo for the people to have a place to pray in. But, the Philippines is prone to typhoon, the little church was damaged and destroyed because of typhoon. After two years, they built new church for the people but unfortunately, it was destroyed again by the  fire this time.

After nine long years, they finally built new church made of stone. That was their second Cathedral until it reaches 8 years. Since then, it was destroyed again by earthquake. They built again and again until it reaches until the 8th construction.

The present Cathedral was built under the supervision of the architect Fernando Ocampo during the tenure of the Manila archbishop Rufino Jiao Cardinal Santos. Now, as you can see in the picture, the Cathedral is so strong built in stone and cement even it looks like old building already but still it looks beautiful for me. It is very historical since the bombing in 1945 during the battle of Manila.

At present, many couples decided to have their wedding in this historical place because of the enchanted view with historical garden in Intramuros. Many tourists from different countries wanted to visit the said church to witness wedding ceremony and explore the place. The inside of it is full of historical events documented to display for the people to see and read the past of the church. The events from the past is displayed for the people to visit. I hope you guys can visit one time the Cathedral in Intramuros.


I took this when the kutsero was out of the cart since i rarely see this transportation in my place, i felt excited to take picture for souvenir.
I took this when the kutsero was out of the cart since i rarely see this transportation in my place, i felt excited to take picture for souvenir. | Source

I tried the kalesa

I had a great time trying to ride this transportation
I had a great time trying to ride this transportation | Source


Kalesa is the mode of transportation during spanish time in the Philippines. The old people in our country called that as karitela. In the picture, you can see a carriage with the horse. There are two wheels on the sides and a horse in front of the cart. It is run by a driver called kutsero. When he says mano the horse will go to the right and if left turn the kutsero will shout silla. I don't know why the horse understands those words. For sure, those are spanish words. The cart has two rows accomodated with 4 persons. The driver will sit in front of the cart before the horse. Kalesa is rarely used nowadays because it is only a historical transportation, people use this stuff  only in some tourist spots like Manila to introduce our past culture. If you wanna have some fun in exploring Manila, you can try Kalesa. Actually, during Spanish time, only high ranked officials can afford the kalesa. But now, everyone can try this stuff especially me, I never tried kalesa before. Not now, of course its fun. You can found kalesa in Intramuros, Binondo and other streets of Manila. Kalesa is also use in some other provinces like Vigan, Cagayan, Iligan City and Laoag. If you want something new for your wedding, why not use kalesa instead of bridal car? Don't you think its unique, do you?

© 2011 Robelyn Yambao


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    • bujoy83 profile imageAUTHOR

      Robelyn Yambao 

      7 years ago from Costa Rica

      Thanks realitytalk for reading it. I just took few pictures because we just passed by that time. Only a short period of time :) visit it if u r ready.

    • RealityTalk profile image


      7 years ago from Planet Earth

      Very interesting. You should display more pictures. You explain it well, but pictures say so much more. It sounds like a nice place to visit.


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