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Mexico Visting

Updated on January 8, 2015


We all wish for change but when it goes we put on those BRAKES. Yes, guilty as charged in this manner. Several years ago my beautiful Mother went home with the Lord and my life CHANGED, did I say changed or went into overhaul. Yes I lost a lot of my decision-making about money but for the most part it has been a CHANGE, some good and some bad. No this is not “true confession” but close second I would say for this blogger. My position in the world has made a chanced from Saint Charles, Missouri to this blog that I am doing at the end of the year, currently residing in Rosarito, Mexico. Let me just say I have enjoyed the process knowing that change will change you is the key to staying alive and well in both mind and body.



Let’s recap my 2014-year and it started with my nephew coming back from sickness and going on to get better.

Then my son get’s ready to be married to his get married in Las Vegas baby, yeah Vegas and was I grateful not to have to do all of the other planning for doing things as both parents. Love you both for loving me that much.


So, nephew good, wedding plans going great, wedding takes place, then I’m told I will be in Mexico for the end of the year, I met one of my grade school friends that I had not seen or heard from in 45 years or so, now my final event before I leave for Mexico told that I will be a “Abuela” in Spanish which means Grandmother. So I like the name “Nana” a lot but “Abuela”, is very different. This year has given me new locations, friends, food and a new land for me to visit regularly. My brother and my sister in law both own property in Mexico and have dual citizenship. This is a world inside of a world.

While I am completing this piece for my blog I went on the roof to show you my view, as I am blogging. Please know those of us in the snow and ice I am thinking about my return to home in 2015. Believe it or not it has been cold in Mexico, snow in Tijuana, We are getting ready for a performance by former Supreme Mary Flower. This is Mexico? Yes treasures are hidden every in this dessert. They’re many cultures inside the inside of Mexico. This is my first of many visits


View of 2014/2015

This has been my view since December 15, 2014 and is something will be in my view until January 19, 2015 when I return home.

One my first day of arrival in Mexico yes, it was raining and has done so off and on. This is WINTER for Mexico. So let the rain be here and there but not daily and at night it has given off big clasp of thunder, enough to wake me up out of a sleep I had just started but life is life and I am loving my now.

My bother and sister-in-law have done their home over, they had two lots and now much of it completed hoping to complete by August 2015 just in time for graduation of my son being a chiropractor, birth of my first grandchild, now there home being completed. WOW August 2015 is going to BUSY for my family.

Let me tell you have I have met many America’s here who make this their home and stay for years. The scenes in the morning sometimes hard to believe like seeing the sea gulls go into the water and catch fish, sitting on the deck and have a glass of wine. This is a site that many need to see in their lifetime. The sky is like seeing clouds painted in the air. One of my favorites when I exit the front door is to see the Islands off shore they say there are five but I only count four at this angle of ocean, Strange to say the word ocean but it is an ocean never the less.

New title

Being a new Aduela, which is Spanish for grandmother, is going to be an adjustment change for me. Looking forward to my own life as well, I maybe a little bent but not broken.

Always something colorful to see In Mexico

Breath taking as well as being a site that you may only have has seen in a book that was labeled MEXICO. Please don’t think dirt streets, no homes that are kept up, people who don’t like to work. You are thinking wrong and should take the movies out of your mind. Yes there are streets that need some more work but for the most part concrete is the thinking that should be change for this remarkable and beautiful little bit of heaven in dessert land.

My family lives in an area called “Rosarita” and the complex is something to behold. This is a world inside a world, you have neighbors that see you and speak but always the message is, “ I did not know you were back”, common statement when they met people. My family will leave for 4-6 weeks at a times and return to the United States then come back. But once they are back someone tells some else and now the visiting has begun. This is my first visit to Mexico and won’t be my last, everyone wanted to met my brother’s little sister Melody, now that they know that I am here we have visitors who bring gives like hot bread for us to have coffee and talk. That’s nice to have kind of family like to me. You learn people’s personalities and know that they are people and just have heard a lot about you before you got here.


Next blog I will let you seen the renovations being done at “CASA BORDEAUX”.


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