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Mexico's Safest Destinations

Updated on February 13, 2012

Mexico has been in the news a lot lately in the United States. Things being talked about, range from immigration, war on drugs, kidnappings and other not so pleasant things. This has understandable put a damper not only on governmental relations but also that of the tourism that a lot of Mexico’s economy thrives on. With that, the Mexican government is doing a lot more to keep visitors and Tourist safe all around the country. Yes, it has its woeful locations but so does my town and those are the ones I avoid. Mexico still is one of the safest nations in Latin America to visit. So keep that in mind while I share with you some of the best destination in Mexico.


There are still many exotic and extremely safe locations to visit in Mexico. One of those destinations is called Tlaxcala. This little hidden cit is located in the central/eastern part of Mexico. This little location relies a lot on the agriculture, tourism and commerce from all over the world. Tlaxcala also holds some of Mexico’s most historical and cultural sites that have ever been found by the archeology community. The main historical sites in Tlaxcala are Cacaxtla, Xochitecatl, and Tizatlan.


Another location that is still a must see is the city of Yucatan. This city is located in the Yucatan peninsula, and it is regarded as the safest part of Mexico by far. The city is regarded as the city of peace. It was even awarded the Peace city declaration by the international community in 2011. There are many old areas that still hold the relics of the ancient Aztec Empire. There are Mayan ruins to visit along your journey. Then of course it is right ton the coast line of the Gulf of Mexico with one of the most premiere beaches in the gulf.

Playa Del Carmen:

Of course, history is one of the largest attractions in Mexico and not everyone appreciates the history like others. Some appreciate the beaches more. Hands down the best beach in Mexico is the Playa Del Carmen. The Playa Del Carmen offers a tropical paradise situated south of Cancun that has been lucky to escape all the violence in that area. Even with the violence in Cancun it is still crowded, but Playa Del Carmen offers a perpetual safety away from the crowds and gang violence. So, enjoy your week on this pristine white beach overlooking the pacific.

These are only a couple of the destinations that you can still enjoy in Mexico and be relatively safe. So, plan your vacation and always remember not to be a target of violence. Some tips to help you along the way is always carry cash nothing higher than 40 dollars. Always carry a copy of your passport, not the actual passport. Do not flash jewelry or other expensive items around. Beware of your surroundings if you do not feel comfortable in an area then leave. A lot of these are common sense, but many get caught up with another culture and end up ignoring them. Above all, relax and enjoy everything that these magnificent cities have to offer.


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