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Single and Fifty Year Old Man

Updated on June 18, 2014

Midland, Texas

Midland, Texas
Midland, Texas | Source

Fifty's and Single Man in Texas

Now that I am fifty one, developing relations with single women is a challenge. The dating scene in my home town is really bland. What I am trying to say is that I am young looking for my age, and the women that are my age, look very old. I live in Midland, Texas and this is oil country, and not the prettiest place on this earth to be on. There are several single women moving to this city, now that the oil boom is really on here. They are the ones I am most interested in. The sad thing about living in a town like mine is that there is not much to do except eat and go to a bar. No lakes or mountains, not many trees for shade for a picnic. Basically a date means you are going to dinner and drinks. Maybe this is normal for any place in the USA. I don’t drink and the restaurants are over-crowded as this town has more people than houses for them. This brings in the hookers also, and transsexual that makes a living off their bodies. So it’s difficult to find a Christian, beauty in this city that is not married.

Fat Turns Me Off

Narrow minded you may say. The truth is what it is, here in my town, though. Mexican food is making larger than life size women and hamburger joints. AA is full in almost every place where these meetings take place in Midland and Odessa, Texas. There are a lot of DWI arrest because of the in-activity of the area with things to see and do. A typical day for most in this city is working the oil fields or in the oil field office’s and then catering for the employees, so not to miss a drop of oil down time. Then when work is over, heavy drinking at the local bars and Craigslist ad people looking for one another for a date. We have free dating sites like Plenty of Fish and Ok Cupid and these have women on them my age and men that dress like women. It’s pretty bad when you see the same lady on all of these sights for the last five years of living here.

Oil Field in Midland, Texas

Oil Pump Jack
Oil Pump Jack

Can You Handle Midland, Texas

Yes, Internet dating is the way most will go, and stay there. Craigslist in my city is full of Males looking for males for sexual encounters. That’s not what I seek, and the women that pose as lady’s on Craigslist are either Transsexuals or hookers looking to cash in on some pervert from the oil field or office. This is the reality of my city with Relations with a common women may be had at a church, I suppose, and yet I have not ventured into these doors. Like so many other singles, I rely on the Internet and have gotten nowhere with women. Every once in a while I will meet one or two and text seems to be the way of greeting and knowing these people anymore, then it dies when they send a picture or you find out she is really from Ghana, South Africa and wants money to come and live with you.

This is the reality of dating in my city. Fake profiles from all over the world wanting to cash in on the oil tycoon and make their lives better. This is a façade though, as many here struggle to pay their bills as this place is higher to live in than most cities, including New York. If the boom in oil came to a stop, most of the 300,000 people here would go back home. There is nothing to do here that would attract more people. Our primary interest is oil and without it, no one would be making money in Midland, Texas.

New cars, and construction is all over the two towns of Midland and Odessa, Texas. Odessa has grown together with Midland and they are one large city now. Real Estate is very high and salaries are very good, but when you add in the factor of what it cost to live and work in these two cities, you break even. This article has really explained living in Midland, Texas better than anything out there and being single

This is Texas at Its Best Form

. I highly suggest you order a bride from China or Japan and move her here and hope she does not divorce you due to the inactivity of this place. Boredom can cause you to do stupid things. Don’t get me wrong, this is not Hell, but it can be close to it. There are kind people out here and we have all types of people now. The streets are crowded like a big city, as the area was not expected to grow to its capacity.

Oh well, I will keep looking for my better half around the country and God willing she will come into my life one way or another. Life is good for us out here, and we don’t have the storms like most have in the Eastern and Western United States. We are a dry place with dirt storms and wind and a water restricted place. We pump more oil in this region than the water we can drink, and the water is polluted with oil related drilling. Living in Midland, Texas takes a person who can entertain himself in ways that are not harming to him or others. Art, music and taking classes at colleges is a means to keeping fit and giving this place a reason for staying. This is an article of where I live and you might have the desire to live in West Texas and take advantage of the oil boom we have. This is an accurate picture of this place I call home.

© 2014 Christopher Hyer


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