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Midway Museum is "America's Living Symbol of Freedom"

Updated on April 27, 2012

San Diego museum receives title

San Diego's USS Midway Museum is truly "America's Living Symbol of Freedom." The fast growing San Diego destination has trademarked the title (rated #1 by TripAdvisor) as well as it's tag line: LIVE THE ADVENTURE, HONOR THE LEGEND. In 2012 the USS Midway aircraft carrier, docked within walking distance from downtown hotels and just a minute or two from the city's airport, is expected to reach annual attendance of more than one million visitors. It is preparing for the addition of a holographic and high definition experience entitled Battle of Midway Theater, which is expected to open in June of 2014.

The flight deck of the San Diego USS Midway Museum

View from Control Tower on board the USS Midway


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